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May 21, 2007 - Monday, 9:00 p.m.

Knights and Dragon...

Okay, I have probably strayed into the twilight zone, certainly the 'I am NOT related to that person' area as far as my kids are concerned. A friend of my sister's invited me to a 'Fight Practice'. With a little searching on the Internet, I found the group in question. The group is part of the SCA. The actual group I was watching was part of Dragonsspine .

I have to tell you, I actually enjoyed my outing to watch this. These guys (and gals) are very dedicated to what they are doing. Part of this has to do with the actual dress of the era the individual has targeted for their persona. There were a group of guys that were into the armor type of battle gear. While others using lighter weapons (like what is used in fencing) in a 'softer' attire. You can 'fight' as an Archer (the archers were in a different area practicing). Many of the people are actually involved with the artisan side of this. Actually MAKING the armor, leather items, weapons, attire, etc. The workmanship I saw was very impressive. I liked the people that I got an opportunity to talk with.

Now, while I was there I actually ran into a childhood friend of a couple of my sisters, that probably shares more 'likes' in common with me, then with either of my two sisters that she hung out with in High School. ANYWAY... she belongs to this group, and is very much into Archery. (More woman chose this then say, full armor, with weapons like broadswords and shields.) She has collected quite a bit of attire and offered some to me to wear if I attended an actual event.

I find it very interesting, and I think it would be fun, but I don't think I'll ever get into 100% like I think some people are. I'd love to go to the events. Even making the costumes would be fun. I think at some point it goes over the top (or could) where it is your “everything”.

Maybe that is what 'having a passion' for something is about. I don't know, because I don't have a passion for anything. I guess I am struggling with what a person makes a priority in his or her life. I am thinking just about me, not anyone else. I think Family and the Faith should be the priority and everything else after that. That's in words. In action I think I have Family, my personal time and then the faith. Which I don't think is good... ::sighs:: I don't know.

I can look at Mom and Dad, and they truly have the Family and Faith as the top priorities in their life, in both words and actions. I covet my own time, I horde it away. I struggle constantly with wanting to do what I WANT to do, with things I think I SHOULD do.

This whole SCA thing has the taste of genealogy in it. I think it talks to that part of a person. We have an interest (could be obsession if not careful) with the past. I could really go in to this with both feet, but I don't want it to become the only thing in my life. Just like I don't want WOW or going to movies, or reading to be all that I am. Ya know?!?

It's all balance.

Does any of this make sense?

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