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May 28, 2007 - Monday, 6:25 p.m.

Memorial Day

Monday… Memorial Day… It was a quiet weekend. Why is it never long enough? Even with three days I am wishing for one more day.

This past week, I went to the SCA fight practice again. D and her daughter came and I met Sheri there as well. I brought sandwiches for myself and S* and his kids and then we went out for ice cream afterwards for S*’s birthday. It was a nice evening. Enjoyable!!

Friday night I met and had dinner with Debi. We went to Juns. I had sushi and Debi had some chicken dish. We had a nice visit. It had been a while since we’d had a chance to catch up. Thursday evening S* had asked what I was doing Friday night and I told him, but said that I’d probably be done by about 7:30. (We never take much longer then 2 hours to sit, visit and eat).

So, he’d called me about 5 to see if I wanted to come over and watch a show with him. He had both of his kids this weekend. The youngest one very much wanted my attention. He would hold onto my hand and ask me to stay and watch a movie with him in his room. He is definitely one of those kids that really need attention. Like Curtis was when he was a kid. We watched a South Park episode or two and then some TV. Eventually the youngest fell asleep and S* and I visited until almost 1:30 am. His older son was on the computer in the same room with us. He crashed about the time I left.

It seems that S* is showing me the things that he loves to see my reaction. First it was the SCA. That of course went fine as I slid into a comfortable place the first night, visiting with Sheri most of that evening. Then Friday it was the miniatures that he likes to put together and paint. They are very small, only about an inch tall and very intricately painted. It seemed to me that he is very good at it. Artistically inclined from what I can tell. We also watched some extreme type fighting/boxing stuff. Can’t remember what it is called, but the fighters are in a ring like boxing and dressed like boxers, but then can do ANYthing, tae kwon do, judo, wrestling, boxing, the more stuff you can do the better you are. I’m not much of a fight watcher, but it was interesting. He talked about his life as a kid, his marriage, his kids… as did I. Perhaps it was meant as a test but he ended up showing me his tattoos when I mentioned something about his like of bears. (There were a number around his house). He has two large bear paw prints on his chest, (basically on the front of his shoulders and upper chest, like a bear was standing behind him with his paws coming up over his shoulders and onto his chest), a wolf on his arm and something below the collar line on his back which at the moment I can’t recall. Of course as we know I don’t have an issue with tattoos. Even though the bear paws were quite large, bigger then my hand, I liked them. His tattoos and the basic blue-black, which is his preference. I showed him my tattoo, but it wasn’t nearly as impressive or as big. :o) It was a nice evening, though far too late, I was really tired when I got home. Sometime during the evening I had looked through his movie collection and he said perhaps I’d like to come over Saturday night and watch a movie or two.

After falling asleep about 2 am, I was up at 7:30 am. I cleaned house, ran to the grocery store and made breakfast for Ruhi. My sister and her family came including Josh and Amity. We sat and visited until about 11 am, and then because we were ready to finish up the book and were short one person, we decided not to do Ruhi. We’ll finish up next week. L and her family came by at about 12:30, her husband and Philip working on painting the house. I planted my live plants and seeds for the garden. By 5 we’d eaten pizza, I was done in the yard, and Terry and Phil had the front of the house painted. 3 more sides to go!!! I was done for the day. Tired and done working on anything. I went and watched a couple movies with S*.

One movie I hadn’t seen before and the other I hadn’t seen in a long time, “Reign of Fire” and “Dune”. I picked up a few snacks. His youngest again wanted my attention. He wanted me to watch “Monsters Inc” with him. We put it on a TV near us and he sat by me on the couch. He kept telling me to watch the movie with him, pointing out stuff that was going to happen. It really was so sweet. I suppose if it had been just me, we would have just watched “Monster Inc” first with him and then our movie. I am the soft touch of the world. I guess I think that need for attention needs to be fed a little. I think that is what helps make it ‘go away’. I think S* wants him to be independent and encourages him to be on his own. The difference between how a woman and man react to the same situation. The movies were over by about 11 pm and I headed home. There was no mention of doing anything else the rest of the weekend, which was probably good, as Mariah wanted to hang out for rest of it.

Sunday morning Mariah and I hung out and played on the computer. Mid-afternoon my sister picked her up and they went shopping. I worked on cleaning up my room. Mariah came back about 5 pm and she and Danni spent the night here. Danni watched a couple movies and then hung out visiting with Jeremy for hours and hours. I think she likes him. :o) She has come a long ways from the young girl who arrived here from Mexico for her year with my sister. She was very shy and wanted to be a nun. Her parents are THRILLED that she has started to have an interest in boys. I guess they weren’t too thrilled about the nun idea. :o)

I played on the computer again last night and today. I should be about gamed out. Mariah and Danni headed home about 2 pm when Char stopped by to pick them up. It’s about 6 pm and I am fretting about my weekend being nearly over.

I don’t have any issues with S*’s pastimes. They engage the mind and body, and are an expression of who he is. I am probably never going to be an avid fight watcher, but I would be very content to sit quietly on the couch and crochet or read to kids. I even would watch some of it, because it is interesting to watch. I don’t think that I particularly like “Spike” the men’s network, however. It’s obvious that he loves both of his kids. But really, it is very hard to be a single parent. This I know, and the youngest one is one that needs mothering. Probably in the same way that Curtis needed a male influence in his life, more then his Dad could provide. (Hence the two school years he spent in Woodland Park with my parents.)

Is there romance in the air? Not at this point in time, but I enjoy the company and am willing to see what I think. (Eventually I’ll be comfortable enough to suggest a kids movie first.) He is very comfortable to be with, and I really don’t feel on edge or like there are expectations of me out of my comfort zone, which is very nice. I think that my independence is a plus in this situation. Often that ‘independence’ is something that men don’t like or appreciate, at least in my experience. It would be novel to have someone actually appreciate that trait in me.

Though he seems so very open and comfortable, I can feel that he is guarded. Not guarded about whom he is or what he thinks, but guarded in showing his feelings very early in getting to know someone. I suppose I am the same way. I never thought about it.

Anyway… time will tell…

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