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May 15, 2007 - Tuesday, 9:23 p.m.

Hello... I'm still here...

It seems that I just don't sit down often enough and just write. It's been a long time since I posted anything. So much... and so little happening.

I did something brilliant a couple weeks ago.... NOT!! I was painting on my garage eaves out side. I went up one step too high on the step ladder and from about six feet up the ladder tipped over onto the concrete driveway. I landed on the ladder with my legs and the driveway with the rest of me. My left arm took the brunt of fall. It was like something out of a dream. It's one of those things that I've had the scenario go through my head of it happening, but when it happened it was very quick. Not even much time to panic. Though the ladder tipped to my right, I twisted and ended up landing on my left side. I laid there for a few seconds, idly wondering if I'd broken anything. I managed to get up and into the house. I wanted to lay down on the bed, but I just couldn't make it happen. I sat down in a chair in my room and waited for someone to show up. I was pretty sure I hadn't broken anything, but my shoulder and arm where throbbing. I was actually much more worried and the jarring to my head then anything. I was leary of taking anything to relieve the pain. Eventually I took something (once my boys were home) and then took a nice soak in a hot bath.

A trip to the Urgent Care the next day confirmed my belief that I'd not broken anything, but he suggested that I not go to work for a couple days. So I slept most of Monday and Tuesday that week. After my arm, my back bothered me the most, probably from the twist as I fell. I was concerned it was going to be slow to feel better. But after a massage on my lower back and a few days in bed, I was well on my way to being mended.

Now, over three weeks later, my arm is almost completely healed and there is only a twinge in my back now and then. I've been able to work in the yard and take care of things. I was really VERY lucky not to have broken anything.

I've been worried about a friend who is in a living situation that she needs to change. She and her daughter need to get out on their own. I have been hoping that I can be encouraging for her. I know she can do it, but it is scary to think about. She is living with her parents, and what they have to say about her in the presence of her daughter, just isn't acceptable in my opinion, plus I don't think they are being fair in their assessment. I can only continue to tell her that she is worthwhile and that she can!

All my boys are now gainfully employeed!! Yes!! I am not sure school went as good as it could for all of them, but they went. Philip is planning to go to CSU in the fall. I believe he'd like to graduate from there. I am very excited for him to be pursuing that. I think it is good for him to be out on his own and only feeling responsible for himself. When he is at home, I think he ends up feeling responsible for everyone else too. It'll be good for him.

Today I learned that one of the woman that I work with has been diagnosed terminal for her cancer. She's been fighting it for a couple years now, but I think there is nothing more that they can do. She continues to come to work, and I think she probably will until she physically can't. She is only a couple years older then me. So very sad. Early 50's is just too young to die. It certainly makes one think about the limited amount of time we each have to accomplish what we will here.

My weight is starting to creep up. I need to do something now before it's out of control again. I need to focus on what I am eating. I think that I eat more for the comfort of eating rather then for hunger. Which isn't good. Exercise is something I need to do as well. ::sighs:: I would gladly work on my yard every day, but I don't think that is cardio-vascular enough. When I get home from work the last thing I want to do is go out and exercise. I need to find something that I enjoy and that I will do. This is NOT a small task.

My refinance is in the home stretch. I should close end of next month. Unless I totally screw up in the next 30 days (which is highly unlikely) the loan is set and the interest still set at 6%. I will be SOOOoo glad to get that behind me. I think once that is done I am going to focus on finding a new job.

I so wish that they'd just pay me 1/2 again as much as I am making and leave it at that. I know I am worth that much, even to them. But I don't think that they'll ever acknowledge it.

Fresh fruit and vegetables, exercise and a new job. That all needs to be on the agenda for the summer.

Mother's Day was this past weekend. It was really a nice weekend. Saturday I had Ruhi in the morning, met Camille and a friend of Camile’s for coffee and then he joined us up in WP for our Mother's Day BBQ. S* seems like a nice guy. He is interested in pursuing a friendship, which frankly is all I am up to. We'll see if that actually happens. Either way, I am content.

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