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January 14, 2007 - Sunday, 10:35 a.m.

New Days...

This has been quite the winter. This is our fourth week in a row that weíve gotten a snow storm. This storm didnít bring a lot of snow, but it certainly brought much lower temperatures. We are hovering around zero.

My surgery was on Wednesday morning. I got home yesterday afternoon. There werenít any problems with the surgery, which is good. They removed the adrenal gland and there WAS a tumor, which the CT scan didnít show. So, it looks like the surgery should fix my blood pressure and potassium issues. My blood pressure dropped and my potassium levels went up, just like they were supposed to.

I spent most of days sleeping and have stayed in bed since I got home for the most part. My abdomen hurts, but no more then expected and it certainly is bearable. My arms are terribly bruised. They had far too many problems trying to give me an IV. The middle finger on both of my hands seems to be swollen, but the left hand more so. They did some IV type monitor thing to monitor my blood pressure during surgery. They put it in while I was out, and took it out in recovery. All I remember is that it hurt very much. After surgery I was very nauseous, but they gave me something for that, and it didnít come back.

Iím not sure what is up with my hands, but it bothers me. Hopefully itíll pass soon. I think I should be able to go back to work on Monday, which is very good.

It seems like all I have done is sleep, and still I am tired. Iíve been taking my blood pressure and it seems to vary quite a bit, and my fear is that the surgery wonít have fixed the problem. GrrrrÖ.But I guess that even if all it fixes is my potassium level I should be happy. Even taking a potassium supplement, but potassium level was dangerously low when they checked it before my surgery.

Sometime laterÖ

It seems like all I have been doing is sleep. Tomorrow is Meganís birthday party up at my parentís house and then it is Monday and time to go back to work. These days have gone by quickly.

I finished up the last of the books by Anne McCaffrey on the planet Pern. So I am going to have to start going through a new pile of books. Not sure what Iíll read. I did so very much enjoy those books.

Much laterÖ

Itís already Sunday. Itís still overcast and cold today. It continues to look like winter. Tomorrow it is back to work and time for other things to change. This was to be a pivotal point of change for me, so it is time to start putting things into place. This surgery is done now, and recovery looks like it is going to go pretty smoothly.

Over the last year Iíve put on weight that I never intended to put back on, so there has to be a major shift in my eating as well as a number of other things. I intend to start walking some every day, and it would probably be best if I do it at lunch time at work. Additionally I am hoping that my sweet tooth and salt cravings will start to diminish. The sweet tooth seems to be better since I got home, but the salt craving has been a little slower to change.

Also, now is the time to start looking for a second job, once my recovery is closer to completion. At this point I just want to introduce exercise back into my life on a regular basis, and decrease the amount of food I am eating.

We shall see how this all goes.

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