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December 31, 2006 - Sunday, 11:31 a.m.

Happy New Years...2006 Ends

It is the morning of New Years Eve. As usual, this is a day for reflecting back on the year and forward to next year. What changes will I make? Well… which changes will I THINK about making? Will I be successful?

I accomplished a lot this past year, but still, there is so much more I want to accomplish. I became truly conscience of the state of my finances, and have made very decisive choices there. I am on the road out of this state. It’ll be slow and painful, but I expect to succeed. I finished up my MBA and became aware of just how hard I am going to have to look for something better, and the fact that I need to WANT this to change. That has been the struggle.

We think we figured out the cause for my high blood pressure and I’m scheduled to take care of that in January. Also, in the last year I gained about 25 lbs. GAH!!! After three years of not moving at all, this is quite a jolt. There are changes that I need to make in the year to come to fix this. One thing is I am going to need to eat fewer sweets, and stop grazing all day long. Shortly after the surgery I found that I couldn’t get enough to eat if I just ate three times a day, and took up the habit of grazing. Now I graze far too often and too late into the evening. I think with just a couple of simple changes I can take care of this gain. (1) Nothing to eat after 8 pm (2) 4 small meals per day (3) Stop buying sweets for around the house and (4) Find a way to move at least 5 days a week (I need to start walking).

Personal Habits that need to change – Keeping up on the laundry, Straightening up the house more often, arriving at work by 8 am every day. (As I look to making a job changes or possibly taking on another job, I need to make my work hours more regular.) Remembering to pray and read from the writings every day.

I have actually gotten to the point were I am very content with not having a romantic relationship of any sort in my life. I make all the decisions about my life, when, where, how. It is nice to be ‘the boss’ of my own life.

The sun is shining today. There is still quite a bit of snow on the ground, but the streets are pretty clear. I have a little bit more to do, to get my house straightened up. I paid bills this morning, and got my finances into MS Money. I need to get out and pick up my gift for Lee. Her birthday is just after midnight today, and as per usual I’ll spend my New Year’s Eve with her.

I’d like to spend some time at Mom and Dad’s tomorrow, but I am not sure what all will come up.

Happy New Year… M.

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