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January 31, 2007 - Wednesday, 7:38 p.m.

January is gone...

Itís been a while since I last wrote. Itís been an eventful month. I had my surgery about 3 weeks ago. It went very well. It ended up only taking about 1 Ĺ hours and I was headed home in 24 hours!! I managed to get home before the snow storm and stayed in bed most of the weekend. I was back to work the following Monday. A little sore, and easily tired, but back at work.

The incisions have healed on the outside and are continuing to heal throughout. A week ago Monday I went to my regular doctor and he took me off my blood pressure medicine all together. So currently I am off almost everything, and monitoring my blood pressure. My blood pressure is still erratic, but I am sure my body is in the process of getting used to the changes in my body chemistry. Itís much lower then it has been some of the time now, though my heart rate seems to be a little higher. Weíll see.

I am still working on the refinance of my house, and that is actually going very well. I finally have a guy that thinks it can been done, and he is working very hard at making it happen. It is so nice to even just think about the possibility of it being at a reasonable level. If all goes well, weíll close on that this month. Yes!!

I am keeping busy at work, no idea if we will ever see changes there, but I am still hopeful. If when the reviews come, the money associated with it isnít significant enough, Iíll have to think again about looking hard for something either part time (supplemental) or something all together new.

The cold weather just hasnít let up for weeks now. For the most part it has been almost a month of weather that has been below or at freezing. The snow is still about 4 foot deep at my parents, and still there is snow in my front yard. It is 15 degrees and snowing lightly tonight.

Gonna take it easy tonight.


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