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September 12, 2006 - Tuesday, 7:20 p.m.

It’s Tuesday...
(posted September 18, Monday 1 am)

I’ve put in over 20 hours already this week. I’ve started coming into work with my sister at 7 am. This is definitely getting me up in the morning, which is good. I tried to run to mail something tonight, but ended up missing the places hours by like 1 minute. They however were working on another clock as they were locked up and gone by the time I got there and I pulled up at the minute that they closed.

I noticed a job posting on Monster in the past week. It would be about a 20% raise, but would require almost constant travel. They want semi-conductor experience which is basically all I have. I have been thinking about it for a couple days now. I need to look at it some more and make my decision on whether or not I even want to apply for it. At least I could stay here, which would be good; something to ponder for sure. I keep hoping that something is going to come of the ‘talk’ from my manager. But it’s all quiet on that front. My boss mentioned something about it last week, but it was only to confirm that he’s heard nothing on it as well.

I spent a number of hours in the yard this past weekend. The back yard is looking better, but there are still HUGE areas of weeds that I need to do something about. I think we are going to try to roto-till again in the next week or so. I’d like to get it in order before winter, at least as best I can.

Dan’s wedding this past weekend was really nice. The location was really lovely and his wife seems like a very sweet woman. I think they both did very well. I met the fiancé of another guy from work, Matt. I liked her quite a bit. The guys seem to be doing well on picking woman in their lives. That is always good to see. I went to the wedding with another lady from work, K. We had a nice visit going up and she seemed to have a good time. She had a little too much to drink, but I drove us home in her car. We stayed a little longer then I needed to, but it was fine. She was sick, but slept some on the ride home, and lay down almost immediately when we got to her house. She took it easy the next day and was doing fine on Monday. We got back to the Springs just after midnight and I had Curtis come and pick me up at her house.

went to what he’d hoped would be the final mediation for his divorce with ‘what’s-her-name’ on Monday. Of course, it isn’t close to settled. She had some more unreasonable requests and undesired news. She said that she is going to quit her permanent job with benefits, move to Florence (about 40-50 miles away) to move in with ‘the-40-year-old-boyfriend’ and go to school full time. And, oh by the way, could Kyle give up his Saturday with Maleah, so her mother can spend time with her. WTF?! He said she can give one of her OWN days to her mother. Oh, and ya, she doesn’t want Maleah to EVER go to my sisters house for ANY reason as it is an unacceptable environment. WTF?!? Bloody-hell! She is a piece of work!! If I wasn’t the nice person I am (and I had a few more guts) I’d go kick her ASS!! She just makes me so mad!? Kyle continues to speak kindly of her, and neglects to tell his lawyer stuff (on some level he is still protecting her)! He is a sweet young man, but he needs to smell the coffee. She’s a wench. (I am trying to stay nice… but I am teetering…) I am afraid this is going to be a nasty struggle for the next 16 years. And Maleah is going to have a parade of men through her life with ‘her mom. ‘What’s-her-name-wench’ is SO not the person she lead us to believe she was. I still hope some how she’ll come to her senses and get herself on medication. I continue to feel betrayed. I can’t imagine how Kyle feels.

The financial situation doesn’t seem to be getting any better and I am sure that I am quite stressed about it all. I had a massage last Friday (I really couldn’t afford it, but I really needed it and said, “What the hell?!?” and did it any way.) My shoulder muscles were a mess. He said that I need to win the lottery so I can come in once a week. It was a painful massage… and I am not sure it is really any better this week then it was. Something has to give, but I don’t know what.

Later… M.

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