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March 11, 2006 - Saturday, 2:05 a.m.

Visitors and getting out and about...

Itís Friday night. I went to a Pampered Chef party that one of the ladies from work hosted at her house. I got out of work about 6 pm, and ran got some ice water and then headed to get gas. I didnít make it. My car died just as I was getting off of highway 24. GrrrÖ. Fortunately a guy stopped and helped me by pushing my car into a parking lot. Then my sister came with gas, and I was on the road. All things considered itís amazing that I was only about Ĺ an hour late for the party.

I sat at my desk staring at squiggly lines far too much this week. By the time I got up and headed out tonight I was terribly tired.

Yesterday afternoon, I had an unexpected visitor to my cube. Phil. Surprised? I was. He asked how I was, asked how school was going and whether or not I was finding time to read. We sat and visited for almost a half hour. I figured that he must have been sick here a few weeks back as he missed work for about a week. So I asked him if heíd caught the flu. He told me no, but that heíd gotten Bellís Palsy. This is something that Iíd heard of. My uncle had this as did one of my cousinís kids. Basically with Bellís Palsy one side of your face stops working Ė it is a temporary paralysis. You donít blink well, and one side of your mouth is unresponsive. I am sure this has been tough for him. I knew when I saw him a little over a week ago, that he looked like heíd been sick. When he sat down, I could tell that something was off, but it took me a while to but my finger on what it was. I know that he works at keeping in shape and I think his physical appearance is important to him on some level, so I think this has to trouble him. Especially not knowing how long itíll last.

While he was sitting there D showed up and told me that it was 4 pm and time to leave for the movie. I jumped up and Phil headed out. Someone was waiting outside my cube and I sat back down and talked to them before I could leave. (Not for a very long while though). D later told my that Phil had gone by her cube when he left mine and told her that she should probably go back and get me, because I was probably working.

D and I went and saw ď16 BlocksĒ. It was a good flick. I enjoyed it. I always enjoy Bruce Willis in movies. Then D and I went out to Chiliís and shared a meal and visited. After we went our separate ways I dropped my Lís. I ended up being there until after midnight. Itís been a busy week.

Itís 2 am and I am terribly tired. I just took something for my headache, so I should probably roll over and go to sleep.

Iím too tired to think now.

Sweet dreams. M.

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