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March 16, 2006 - Thursday, 11:53 p.m.

Spring is close now...

Itís already Thursday night. It seems like itís been a busy week and yet it doesnít feel like Iíve accomplished the stuff I wanted to get done. Iím tired. I am not getting enough sleep. I know this and yet I continue to stay up late. Iíve officially moved to over tired tonight, my legs ache which is a sure sign of lack of sleep.

L went into the hospital earlier this week. She came home today. She is still struggling with the colitis and the problem of throwing up and not being able to stop (which I guess is related to her pregnancy. I hope she starts feeling better soon. Itís been a rough couple of months.

There is something about the spring that just makes me want to clean up my house. To go through closets and under beds to get everything in order. I have things I want to shift around in my bedroom, but I have so much stuff in the closet. Itís like a domino effect. If I want to do one thing then I need to do three other things to make way for the one thing that I want to do.

I went out to a movie and dinner with D tonight. We went and saw ďFailure to LaunchĒ. It was a cute movie. Then we went over to Carrabaís and had dinner and visited. It was really a nice evening. Iíve taken Monday off a week from this coming Monday for my birthday. D has taken it off as well, and we are going to go up to Denver for the day. It is really very sweet of her to take the day off to join me. I have wanted to go to the Museum of Natural History for a while, and now I have someone to go with. She is going to bring her daughter as well. It should be a nice day. Iím thinking I am going to talk to my sister in Castle Rock to see if she might want to meet us for dinner that night somewhere up there.

I came home today at lunch time and put a pot roast in the crock pot for the boys for dinner and then ended up cleaning out my linen closet in the hall as well. I think I need to attack Philís closet next, so that I can move stuff from the closet in here to there.

I talked to Tim a couple days ago. His daughter is not doing well. I wish I could think of something that I could do to help, but there really isnít anything. I know Iíve talked some about it before. It breaks my heart. She is only 24 years old, but sheís been so drawn into drugs that he doesnít seem to be able to pull her out. 24Ö and she is using Cocaine and Heroin. In the last year heís brought her home from Oregon and California. Heís helped her get a job and car. Then he put her in rehab here and then in Virginia. Then she went to like a half-way house in Florida, where she AWOLíd again. Every time she slips back into the drug world she slips farther and farther away. She is in Florida living with some drug dealer. Gah!! I would be beside myself if it were my daughter. He is pretty depressed. He is at that point where he is looking around saying to himself, what good am I to her or anyone? Not a good place for him to be at all. Donít know what I can do to help but pray for them both.

My mother is going to head off to North Dakota here this weekend I believe. My cousinís husband isnít doing well. It looks like the brain tumor is growing again and it gets less and less likely that he is going to get better every time it happens.

I can barely stay awake. I need to go to sleep.

Lots of stuff is flowing through my mind, but Iím going to have to write about it later, perhaps tomorrow.

Sweet dreams. M.

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