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February 10, 2006 - Friday, 2:21 a.m.

It's 2 am...

Tuesday, dawned bright and early. The phone rang just before 7 am. I crawled out of bed and tried to find the cord to plug in the cordless phone in my room, so I could answer it the next time it rang. About the time I got it plugged in Moon arrived at my room. She told me that Justin had called and was ready to be picked up!! Whoot!! I threw on some clothes and headed to the detention center on the south side of town. I was driving along the road, probably a quarter mile from the place when I saw him walking, headed home.

He described the experience to me as we drove home. He'd arrived at traffic court on Friday morning, after getting off a twelve hour shift at work. He said the four guys before him were all no shows, so he figured the judge would go one of two ways. Either happy that Justin was there to face the consequences, or mad because the others hadn't shown. I guess it ended up he was really neither. Justin got his five days and went into a holding cell to wait for afternoon transport. He said there was a small concrete bench that he sat on for about three hours. No way of sleeping even though it was rapidly approaching twenty-four hours without sleep for him. They picked up the group and took them to the detention center and then he said he sat in another room for an hour or so until he was put in a cell with another guy. He said, he ate dinner and went to sleep. Some time in the middle of the night they came and woke him up and moved him into general population. This was a room with four bunk beds and seven other guys. He said there was no door on the room, and it opened into a larger sitting area (I guess).

All the other guys in that cell with him were all there for a long while anywhere from a month to a year or so. There were there for things like Assault and Robbery, and it wasn't the first time for any of them. Saturday morning he was up at like 4:30 am to eat breakfast and by sometime in the morning he asked the guys if any of them had a book. [That is MY son! I knew he'd read while he was there.] One guy who had been there a while and was going to be there for a while still had a few books in his locker. He brought out the "The Da Vinci Code". Justin hadn't read it, so he sat down and read... and read. Sunday morning, he asked the guy for another book. The guy was somewhat surprised. "You read the whole thing already?" Ah... ya... nothing else to do. Justin read another book by Brown "Digital Fortress" on Sunday, then some Robert Ludlum novel on Monday.

I guess the guys in the judicial system don't do math much (but I am not complaining, nor is anyone else). Five days meant you counted the day you were in, and day five was counted at 6 am. So it wasn't even 4 full days. He went in Friday afternoon and was released at about 6:30 am on Tuesday morning! Whoot!!

I could tell he hadn't showered and asked him about that. He said that the furnace was broken at the place, and it was like 90 degrees in there. He said he just sweated constantly. He took one shower Saturday morning and decided it wasn't worth it and that he'd just wait until he got home. He told me that it wasn't as bad as he thought it might be, but that he was NEVER going to do that again. He said five days away from your family it too much, and that he couldn't even imagine how it was for the guys that were looking at a year!! He was full of smiles when he talked to me once he was home.

Moon was SOOOoo happy when I saw her Tuesday evening. I could see she was glad to have him home and he was very glad to be home. We went out to dinner at Jun's Sushi and Grill, on Tuesday night to celebrate Chinese New Year. Justin and Moon took Justin's brothers and me. It was good. The Sushi was outstanding, the grill was okay, next time we'll just get the sushi.

Moon and I talked a lot over the four days Justin was gone. She is feeling bad, because she doesn't miss China or home much. She says that she feels so loved here, and that was something that her parents had a very hard time showing. She told me she wishes Justin would push her to do things. She said, "He's just so nice to me, all the time." Though they argue some (though very little and quietly from what I can tell), for the most part she said Justin doesn't complain about things, and is just kind to her. I am so glad that she is happy here, and that she feels so loved by all of my family. She is a sweetheart. I hugged her a lot this past week. I feel very, very motherly towards her. I continue to see them as a very good match. They both seem to be happy with each other. This is good. She has turned into a daughter for me. I decided a while back that the only daughters I was ever going to have were going to have to be my son's wives. So far, so good. :o)


It is now the middle of the night. About 2 am. I was so tired when I got home tonight. Maleah came by with Kyle and she immediately came and crawled on my bed. She wanted to watch a movie. Not just ANY movie, but “Monsters Inc”. I put in the movie and lay on the bed and watched it with her. After the movie was over, Kyle took her home to put her to bed, and I just couldn’t get myself to get up off the bed. There I lay in my jeans (not exactly comfortable but obviously comfortable enough) and fell asleep for a few hours. About an hour ago I woke up, put on my pjs and let the cat outside. ::blink:: It snowed!! Only about an inch and it’s one of those snows where the sidewalks and street are completely clear. The concrete and tar was just too warm and anything that fell on it melted. No wonder I was so cold tonight. I knew that the temperature had dropped; I just didn’t realize it was snowing.

I went to lunch with D again today. She and I have gone out to lunch 3 of the last 4 days. Nothing fancy, but still the company has been very nice, and it was good to get away from my desk. I finally got upstairs today and talked to a lady up in marketing that has been asking for my help that I have meant to talk to for well over a week. As I headed away from there I ran into a woman that used to work in my area that I haven’t talked to in a while. She and her ex-husband work at our company, and they divorced in the last year. I think he had a little bit of a wandering eye, and the marriage was just over. She has been seeing a long time friend (someone she’s known for over 10 years). He was also a friend of her ex-husband. She said that their relationship has just shifted over the last few months from a friendship to an actual romantic relationship. She is VERY happy, and quite surprised. She told me to keep faith that if it could happen to her it could happen to anyone. A very nice sentiment, but not one I tend to really believe. Still... it’s a nice thought. She was pretty wiped out by the divorce and I am very glad to see that she is doing so wonderfully.

Phil, or as my friend L calls him, Flaming Idiot #1 (or FI#1 for short) hasn’t been to work this week. It doesn’t seem he went out on vacation, so perhaps he is sick. Don’t really know, don’t have any way to find out, and don’t plan to try to find out, just found it to be curious.

Curt got his PC back today… they were celebrating in Ecuador. (Not really… but Philip was certainly happy to get his PC and room back to himself) Curt rearranged and cleaned his bedroom, washed the sheets, cleared off the tops of all the dressers, vacuumed… etc. It looks GREAT!! Now if he’d just start in on the REST of the house… :o)

Tick, tick, tick… I SO need to go back to sleep. I’d like to get up in a few hours and head into work at an early hour in the morning. It would be nice to get into work by 7 am, which is less then 5 hours from now. I am going to attempt it without the aid of Tylenol PM (so I will actually get up a 6 am).

Sweet dreams… M.

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