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October 31, 2005 - Monday, 9:30 p.m.

Despite a crazy week, this past weekend was just nice. I was up by about 9 am on Saturday morning. I went into work for a couple hours and then got a massage. When I got home I finished up the install of World of Warcraft, which I was installing for my niece, who was going to come over and play on Saturday. However, she never came by and I ended up playing myself.

It was a nice little escape into fantasyland, and I actually really enjoyed it. Saturday, early evening, L dropped off G, who I was going to watch over night, at about 5:15 pm. G wasn’t there for more then about 10 minutes when I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk in Garden of the Gods. She was enthusiastic, so we jumped into the car and went there. We walked around the center area of the park until about dark (6:30 pm). We stopped and read all the signs and fact markers. It was cool, crisp and smelled wonderful.

After the park we went to McDonald’s on 8th Street (they have a play land) and had dinner. G crawled around the play area and I ate and waited for her to get done. Then we went over to Walmart and walked around there. I picked up some things I needed to pick up, some things I DIDN’T like MORE Halloween candy and I got G some play dough.

We went home, played with the play dough and watched some TV. About 9 pm we turned on “Shrek2” in the bedroom. She fell asleep about at the end and I fell asleep another hour or so later. Which was probably good, as I was up on Sunday morning VERY early. Not only did I misread the clock, but the clock hadn’t been turned back either. I was up on a Sunday at 6:45 am!!! I made G a pancake (her favorite thing for breakfast when she is at my house.) and L came by and picked her up at 9 am. It was really a nice evening with G. It’s been a long time since she’s stayed overnight, as in the past she’s always really been a lot of work. This time she wasn’t any trouble at all. It was certainly nice to be able to do that for L&T, and even better as there was no pain involved. :o)

I spent the rest of Sunday (until Ruhi) playing World of Warcraft. It was an enjoyable, relaxing and a good escape. It was like I ran around in the wood killing kobalds and bandits most of the weekend. :o) Can you spell ESCAPE? :o) Worse still I went up to WP a little early and visited with Lynn and some other company that was visiting my parents, enjoyed dinner and Ruhi, and went back home and played WOW until like 1:30 am!! :o)

Still I was up by about 6:30 this morning… so that was good.

Came home early today, and made home-made pizza for everyone. Maqui and Kyle came over with Megan to take Maleah trick-or-treating and L&T brought G as well. The pizza was great!! I got to visit with everyone for a while. It was really a nice evening. Then off to school (class was interesting) and home. It was really a nice Halloween.

Hope you all had a great one.


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