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October 28, 2005 - Friday, 10:02 p.m.

Wedding Day for L&T...

October 28, 2005 L and T got married today!! I arrived at the court house at about 4:40. As I approached the court house I saw a number of people that I knew were going to attend. It was a small group, only about 16 of us. It was held in one of the court rooms on the fourth floor and was simple and very nice. They were both obviously happy. And as we all stood in the court room after the ceremony G, Ls daughter, announced, My mommy and T are married, so now they are going to sleep in the same bed! G is almost eight and is SOOOoo excited about her Mommy getting married and the fact that now she has a Daddy. It was terribly sweet. Ten of us went out to Joes Crab Shack for dinner. It was really a nice evening.

Work kept me pretty busy today, though I found time to wander around and visit some people. It made for an enjoyable day. I will go in tomorrow morning for a couple hours to make sure I hit my 40 hours this week. I had a massage slated for 4 pm today, which I COMPLETELY forgot. The guy called me to remind me just after 4. Gah!! And I rescheduled for TOMORROW at 1 pm. Yay!!

Phil wasnt there again today. I have no idea what is going on with him. I called and left a message again at about 4:30 pm today. I think he missed most of the week. I dont know if he is sick or just taking some time off, but I can only glean that he doesnt appear to care to talk to me. Im letting it go. I really need to just turn and walk away. My candle is almost half burned now. I think Ill be done by the time the candle is gone.

I stopped by and visited with Tim a little this afternoon. He is doing pretty well. He is enjoying the class that he is teaching, work is frustrating, but his daughter is doing great. We visited about movies again, and Ill bring him in one on Monday. He says he really isnt getting much time to read, and I told him I could understand THAT. We probably visited for an hour. I really wish hed figure out that I am interested in him. Im not going to push that though. Either he figures it out or not. Not going to spend much effort worrying about it.

Ill have G over night tomorrow night. L suggested I take her to Boo at the Zoo. Zoos are NOT my thing, but I may just do that. At least shell really be tired and go to sleep well, and getting outside will be good for me. :o)

Ive homework to do this weekend, and am hoping to get some good rest. Im going to pop something in the DVD player, relax and drift off to sleep soon.

Sweet Dreams. M.

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