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May 31, 2005 - Tuesday, 11:01 p.m.

A Good Day...

There is something terribly romantic about lying in bed listening to the trains go through town, blowing their whistle in the middle of the night. It elicits thoughts of exotic destinations and slow rhythmic journeyís across America. The trains I listen to at night are almost always coal trains. If there are south bound they have coal in them, if they are northbound they are empty. Iíve almost never seen a passenger train come through town, but itís a passenger train I think of when I hear the whistle blowing.

In 1916, at the age of fifteen, my grandfather, Vernon, road the rails from North Dakota to California. It has a romantic sound to it, though I am sure it must have been quite an adventure. His father wasnít a very nice man. The stories of this are limited, the only one I recall says that he hit the kids and that my great-grandmother once, with pitch fork in hand, pointed at my great-grandfathers chest, told him sheíd run him through if he touched the kids again. I donít know that he listened. Fed up with it, Vernon left and was gone for more then a year. However, when he returned home, in his fatherís eyes he was a man, and he never touched him again. Iíve often wished that somewhere my grandfather would have written down this experience. Southern California, in 1916-17 would have been fascinating to hear about. Iím not even sure what work he did there, though I know he worked at something other then farming. However, nothing exists and the stories are far and few between.

Itís coming up on 11 pm and I really should go to sleep. My test went well tonight. I went and studied for a couple hours before the test with Dan, and it was much easier then Iíd expected. Thank goodness!! It made for a very nice end to a very good day.

As blue as I was yesterday, I was surprised to wake up in a good mood this morning, but I did. After feeling hopeless, it was nice to wake up with hope in my heart again. Work passed without problems, and I had plenty of work to keep me busy all day. My big worry, that Phil would avoid me, didnít come to pass. He arrived in my cube a couple hours after I got to work and we had a pleasant, comfortable conversation. I managed NOT to jump up and hug him. :o) I let Phil know that I have plans to go to the jam thing on Thursday night. He let me know that heíll plan to be there, and if things change heíll let me know. I gave him my number, so now he has that, in case things change at the last moment, which I donít expect that they will. I have no real agenda, other then to spend some more time with him in some environment other then my cube at work. Iíve no idea what will happen as we go down this road, but I am content to let it unfold however it might, and hopefully enjoy myself in the process.

Iíve the windows open again, itís cool outside. The wind is blowing softly through the trees. The house is quiet tonight. I think I may be able to sleep.

Sweet dreams.

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