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March 06, 2005 - Sunday, 1:40 p.m.

March Has Come in Like a Lamb

It’s a beautiful Sunday. It’s in the sixties. I have my window open. My chimes are softly twinkling, and the guy across the street has some ‘Rap’ music turned up and is washing his car. The wind is blowing gently and it feels like spring. If I didn’t have a ton of stuff that I have to get done today, I’d be out in the yard cleaning out my flower beds. I really wanted to get more cleaning done on the house, but really made sure I just had a fun weekend, which I definitely succeeded at.

It was a weekend of movies, dinner and cleaning. I made my weekend long by taking off Friday. I played on the PC and saw three good movies at the theatre; “The Jacket”, “The Pacifier” and “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”. They were all really different. The first was suspense, drama, romance and time travel. The second movie was family fun, and the third just the right mixture of comedy, drama and romance. I went out to lunch with Cindy Friday afternoon and then out to dinner on Friday night with Camille, Megan and Curtis and then Saturday night with Charlotte. I spent some time cleaning house as well. I made great progress on my room. I’ll be to the bottom of it all soon. I made dinner for the kids for Saturday evening, Manicotti. I stayed up late and slept in. I wandered around in the middle of the night to find all of the boys and Kyle visiting by the computers at 2 am.

This morning we had Ruhi and this afternoon will be spent working on homework. I’ll take a break and go get ice cream with Jessica (my buddy from Crossroads). We were going to get lunch, but when I just called to her she was wondering if I might be okay with ice cream instead. No problem.

Moon and I have agreed to go to the gym 3 times a week. We picked Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We made the decision on Wednesday and then actually went Thursday and Saturday. I swam laps in the pool and sat in the hot tub. It was really enjoyable. I am trying to make it fun so that I actually go. Looks like a good plan so far.

I am to the ‘homework’ stage of my weekend, and all I want to do is nap or sit out in the sun. I have bills to do AND I still need to do my income taxes. GAH!!! I hate that. Would be more fun to escape for the afternoon, however, tomorrow would be a nightmare if I did that.

As I mentioned before, this weekend was the 2nd Horizon’s weekend. I found out Friday that they were tasked with enrolling seven people for the upcoming “Journey” session. They picked their own number as a group. I would have had trouble with that requirement. It doesn’t seem to me that ‘selling’ the training should be PART of the training. I think a ‘natural’ outgrowth of doing something that you feel has merit, is that you talk to your friends about it and eventually some of them get involved as well, often at your recommendation. However, to make it a requirement of the upper level training seems a little self-serving to the company and that bothers me. ANYWAY… thankfully I didn’t have to hit that dilemma. I’ve only talked to Jessica this weekend, none of the rest of the group has gotten a hold of me (or me them). She told me that yesterday was very tiring, but I get the sense that she enjoyed it, which is good.

The weekend is winding down. I wish I had about three more days off.

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