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March 03, 2005 - Thursday, 3:08 p.m.

Hitting My Stride

Yesterday was my management class. Boy, was I more awake during that class then I have been in a long time, maybe ever. We had our group meeting at the end of class and talked about our meeting with the team from the hospital that we are working with to hone our consulting skills. That discussion went right to the end of the allotted time, and we still had a list of things to accomplish. I took control of the meeting at that point and made sure that we would find a way to take care of it over the next few days and volunteered to compile the information in recorder fashion and then I suggested that NEXT week we take our group meeting to a restaurant for a more open ended meeting and in the process allow us to complete a previous assignment give to our group to set up something ‘fun’ outside of the class environment. Everyone agreed and we will go out for Mexican food next Wednesday. It was great! It felt really good to be so outspoken.

People just don’t stop saying things to me about how great I look and how different I look. It is incredibly empowering to have so much positive feedback. One guy in my class walked by last night and told me I looked great and that my dress matched my eyes. Completely out of the blue. It’s been so fun! A group of about four women stopped me in the hall this morning and raved. :o) What fun this has been! Very unexpected, how can I ever stop dressing like this?!?

Last night I got home from class and changed right into my PJ’s. I stripped the bed and washed the sheets. After I tossed the sheets into the dryer I washed almost all of my work clothes and then hung most of them on hangers to dry before the sheets finished drying. I watched some Voyager as I ran back and forth from the basement to my room. I pulled out a couple of pot roasts from the freezer to put in the crock-pot this morning. Kyle stopped by for his lunch break and played on the computer. I told him I was going to make pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner tonight. His response was “sounds good.” I told him he could have some when he came over on his break. He said, “Sweet!!” I made the bed, the flannel sheets were warm and smelled SOOOo good. I crawled into bed watched a little bit more of Voyager and then drifted off to sleep. No bad dreams last night. It was a good night.

The Fast started yesterday. The Fast runs from March 2nd until March 20th, or the Bahá’í month of ‘Alá. We don’t eat or drink from Sunrise to Sunset for those nineteen days. It is a reminder to us that we need to feed ourselves spiritually through prayers as well as physically with food. The month of the Fast ends with New Years or Naw Rúz. Due to my surgery I have to drink during the day, but am observing the Fast with that exception. The day went well, no problems. I am looking forward to the Fast this year, and it’s been a number of years since I really felt that way. It feels good. I have been really pleased with myself. One of the changes that I took on was to get myself into the mode of saying my prayers morning and night and that has been going very well. It has felt good to make that part of my schedule work.

This week we got our family chore schedule worked out and posted. The house is definitely going to stay cleaner. One big task for me is going through the mail everyday. I have gotten so tired of going through a months worth of mail at a sitting. Tonight I’ll clean my bedroom and get through the rest of the back piled mail. Sunday will be the day to do bills. Moon and I have divvied up the cooking Monday through Saturday. The rest of the jobs like the kitchen and other rooms were distributed nicely. It will be so good to be getting our chores done daily. The road ahead is looking good.

When I started Horizons I set up a list of things I wanted to accomplish between now and the end of April. I set up weekly goals and am still on schedule. Woo-hoo Me!! Looking forward to a quiet evening, or possibly dinner or dessert with Jessica (my Crossroads buddy who is in town from Maryland). And then tomorrow I am OFF from work. Going to lunch with Cindy and then off to see some movies by myself and with Megan!! Gonna be a great weekend.

Later… M.

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