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July 04, 2004 - Sunday, 8:45 a.m.

Tons of studying to do and well into a pretty bad chest cold. That's pretty much my 4th of July celebration. Cold medicine, orange juice, pillows propped up on the bed, an accounting textbook and my laptop. Do I know how to celebrate or what?!?

The sun is shining, but we have thunderstorms forecasted. The boys are starting to wake up, which is amazing actually. As the house is normally a tomb until noon. Phil's off to play basketball, and bring back the afore mentioned orange juice. Justin is getting a little sleep before they all head off to their dad's for a 4th of July BBQ. Curtis is... can you guess?... yes... playing some game on the PC.

My task today is to work on the accounting vocabulary from over 8 chapters of text. Seems this professor is totally into definitions, to the tune of 50 multiple choice question on the midterm which is just a little over a week away. That is my FIRST task... then a few hours working some homework problems to make sure the ideas are firmly in my head. Am I dreaming or what?! Gah!! Don't know if I can stand hours and hours of that.

Sadly enough the alternative in my mind to working on homework is taking a nap, not going to the movies or heading out to spend time with my family. I hate being sick.

I caught myself watching CNN again. They were playing the tape of Saadam's 30 minute hearing in Iraq. Am glad to see that they released him to Iraq and that he will have his day in court. It isn't the 'day in court' that he would have given others in his country when he was ruling, but perhaps a 'real' court hearing. I think I am of the thought that him sitting in prison for life would be a better punishment then the 'death by firing squad' thing. However, it looks to be a convoluted mess, with half of the world considering the court a 'puppet court of the US' and not a real trial. What a mess. ::sighs:: If he is successful in winning his court trial and if by some bizarre twist he goes back into power there, thousands will die in that country at his hand. If he sees the death penalty and Islamic world will see it as some machination of the US controlling the outcome. It is not going to be pretty to watch.

Ah... the sounds of summer. Someone is mowing their lawn. The neighborhood is preparing themselves for the 4th celebration. We have a nice overview of the city from our street and have a good view in the direction of Memorial Park, where the city's firework display is done. Many of the neighbors will have fireworks and usually they share their displays by setting them off in the street. I can sit on a lawn chair on the front step and get my fill. I don't like setting off fireworks but I do like watching as long as they don't scream and fly too much. Later when the city does it's display we all just wander out into the street and watch. It's pretty much a block party. It's nice.

The day is proceeding... I'd better not let the time slip away. Too much to accomplish today. Have a great 4th.


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