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June 29, 2004 - Tuesday, 3:17 p.m.

June's Coming to a close...

What a strange June this has been. Haven't seen so much rain in a long time. It's grey and overcast again today. The Peak has gotten snow a number of times this month. Hard to believe we are already poised at the end of June. Summer is slipping away.

Justin sounded tired today when I called to see how the projects in the basement were going. I certainly wish his brothers would help, or that I was around home to help. Philip is off babysitting today, and Curtis is over at his Dad's. They didn't get much help yesterday. Phil slept most of the day and I know it was very irritating to Justin that he didn't help when he was asked. Fortunately Curtis helped them carry the drywall in and to the basement. Justin and my Dad are working on the basement again today. Insulation is in and they are hoping to get the last of the framing done today, with some help from Kevin. Then perhaps drywall in the next week or so. Will be nice to have it all done for Justin and Moon.

Started coming down with something on Saturday. Found I was very cold and tired most of the afternoon. Sunday I did as little as possible and then last night my voice started to go away. It's pretty much gone now, and I've a headache and sore throat. My neck aches, so I'm thinking it could be the flu, as it doesn't seem much like a cold, though that is possible too. I'd like to just go home, eat a little something and crawl into bed. I need to do my assignment for Accounting as it is due tomorrow. I haven't got much choice other than to do it.

Got most of the laundry done this weekend. I worry that Moon does too much. She is working very full days (like 10 hours a day) and then she comes home and cleans the kitchen if it needs it. With Phil and Curt home most days, it's almost always dirty. I do it if I can beat her home, but if I don't she does it and then she makes dinner!! She makes it for Justin and herself, with enough left over for lunch the next day. We often all eat, though Phil isn't as likely to eat. She continuously washes clothes. I fold everything except her and Justin's clothes, but still I feel bad that she does so much. I need to try to cook a couple days a week at least, so that she gets a break. Seems I feel less and less like cooking every day and it'll only get worse I think.

Have been working some on my family tree. Mostly on the Kaylor's of recent. At least that has been what is in my mind. Found that my great-great grandfather, Charles, has someone with the same name, born in the same year in the same state - So again my family tree branches back to him and stops. Going to have to try to check out the 1850 census again. It doesn't help that he drifted into town in the late 1860's, married my great-great grandmother when she was 16, gave her 5 kids and then left about twelve years later (divorcing her before he drifted out of town). So we have very little personal history on him, other then that my great grandpa did particularly like him (his own father) and a very handsome picture of him in his late 20's. Would like nothing better then to have some time to fictionalize my grandmother's life, starting with her Dad. I have lots of facts and many extrapolations of events. It would be a great story, perhaps one I'll actually write.

Looks like I am going to spend most of my 3 day weekend with my nose in my Accounting book. ::sighs::


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