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March 12, 2004 - Friday, 11:59 p.m.

Midnight in March

I thought Friday would never get here. What a long week it was at work. Ugh! Had some mismarked product found this week. ::sighs:: Not really all my fault, but it feels like it. It was due to a document that I am responsible for modifying. It's something that I missed, and though there are 3 other individuals that should be reviewing it I know that they don't. I always try to be real careful, and a thorough review of it by Engineering found no other mistakes. ::sighs:: Everyone has been very nice about it, but I wish so that I hadn't missed it. It's probably a million part. Gah!! Hopefully the customers involved will accept the parts as is with a letter of explanation. Gah!! Enough of THAT.

I had a test on Thursday in my Business, Government and Society class. I took the day off from work and studied. I felt pretty good about the test. I didn't do outstanding, but should get a B... I hope.

It seems that since I returned from California I have been so busy. Work has been so crazy busy that I don't have time to do all that is on my plate there. I am hoping that we will be able to hire an entry level technician that I can train and offload some of my paperwork to. I need to talk to my boss's boss next week about it. That would really help out.

Before...... After

The basement is really coming along. We have gotten the tub drain plumbed. That was the task I was the most worried about and we completed that last weekend. Also bought the stuff for the bathroom (vanity, sink and tub). Will be really nice when we get it all done. Kevin started framing as well. I am getting excited about it all. I can finally imagine it actually getting completed, which is a very good feeling.

Bathroom Before..... After

Drain for Tub... In process with Dad... After...

We got some snow/rain showers on Wednesday night, but other then that the weather has been lovely. My favorite site for the local region here is this site. It updates once a minute and is a good view of what the weather is like here at any time as well as a good look at Pikes Peak.

I would love to have a chance to work in the yard this weekend, but I don't know as I'll find the time for it.

I have spring break off from work (as well as school) What a lovely break that is going to be. OH! My parents gave us girls (except Maureen) some money towards another "Sisters Weekend" for Ayyam'i'Ha. What a great gift. I so enjoyed out last weekend. It is wonderful to spend time with my sisters. It's a great gift. Was just what I wanted. :o)

My birthday is coming up. Can't believe it. This month really is going by fast. I got my DVD's for the first season of Voyager. I've watched it all now... a couple times... and am impatiently waiting for season two to come out. I've really enjoyed it. I have movies I still want to see... hopefully I'll have some time to do that.

I am fading quick.. am very tired. Other stuff in my mind but sleepiness has really slipped up on me. I'll write more tomorrow when I'm not so tired.


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