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March 09, 2004 - Tuesday Evening

March is Marching Right By

It certainly has been a busy winter. The weeks are slipping by ever so fast. It seems that my days are filled with work and the evenings with school. The weekends are filled with home projects or homework. The days are passing and winter is turning into spring.

Weekend before last I worked on some information on my grandmother, who will celebrate her 100th birthday in a couple weeks. It is amazing to think about all of her life and all that she has seen in it.

I have noted recently that I am not all that much younger then my own mother... only about 25 years... and I realized I am about halfway between high school graduation and turning 70 years old. And when I think about how fast the years have passed since high school it's a little overwhelming to think I'll be to the age of 70 in that same amount of time.

So much running through my mind... but no time to ponder it at the moment. Time to head to school for my Statistics class... and I have a test in two days in another class. Ugh!! Need to study. Hopefully in a few days I'll have time to get back here.

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