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October 27, 2006 - Friday, 1:15 p.m.

Snow Day

Yesterday it snowed. It snowed a lot. We got about 8 inches in our front yard, but quite a bit of snow fell in the rea (3 feet west of us and 1 feet north of us). The road didn't look good, and the forecast indicated a lot of snow. I decided that I would be a run to the grocery store and if I didn't have any problems then I'd head into work. Well, it wasn't a fun drive. I did make in there and back, but the oads were very slippery so I decided to stay home.

It was one of those heavy, wet October snow storms; lots of wind and cold. It stuck to everything. Again, the young trees bowed to the ground, but it was too close to the last snow storm and even some of them lost limbs this time. Downed limbs resulted in downed power lines and at about 10 am our power went out. Silence. The boys seemed to be at a loss. What to do? What to do. They wandered around sitting in my room some and eventually went back to bed.

Me? I put on my warm pj's and crawled into bed with a good book. That is where I spent my day. I had been in the middle of cooking a Mexican hotdish that we like when the power went out. I finished it up on the stove top (thank goodness for the gas stove). Though normally the hot dish would be baked, I just stirred in the corn tortillas and we ate it like that. It was very good.

By 4 pm it was starting to get darker in the house. I moved to a chair by the window to read and eventually it was too dark to do even that. I started lighting candles and eventually got one set up next to the bed and laid down and read some more. At about 10 pm the light clicked on, the washer and dryer picked up where they had left off and the furnace came on. Hurray!! I finished up my book and went to bed. It was a nice lazy day.

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