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November 03, 2006 - Friday, 8:10 a.m.

Friday Morning in the Universe...

This was an interesting week. I met with a career management company. Iíd really hoped that they were the sort that took you on and expected payment from the hiring company. However, it is one of those that want ME to pay. The idea of having someone help me, coach and mentor me is a very appealing idea. The guy that talked to me was very encouraging and definitely was telling me the things that were nice to hear. That I have a lot of value and where I am currently working is getting a deal. On the one hand I KNOW that I have potential. On the other hand I donít see a path to get to where I want to go, and half the time I have no idea where I want to be!!

I donít think though that paying for it at this point in my life is a good idea. Any funds that I might have would be better spent taking care of my other financial obligations. I know that I need to really look for a new job. Currently I can only see as far ahead as one paycheck. I figure out how to make it work one paycheck at a time. I canít see any farther, because it would be overwhelming.

Charlotte talked to the recruiter at her job, and got some leads on a couple recruiters from a couple of the bigger companies in town that are actually hiring. I have names, email addresses and phone numbers. Though I am not sure it is where I want to go, I know I need to get started doing something that will potentially find me a good job.

I decided to get my car fixed by submitting an insurance claim. I know that it will increase my insurance payment, but the other option is to continue on without a car indefinitely, which really isnít much of an option.

This weekend is full for me. Iím really not going to get much down time. I am going to start a new Ruhi Book. Itíll be intensive this weekend, and then my group will decide how we want to finish up the book (either intensive again, or some regularly scheduled shorter meetings).

I canít believe it is already November. Where did this year go? Time is passing so quickly.

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