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June 13, 2006 - Tuesday, 1:53 a.m.

Hot Time, Summer in the City...

It’s quiet tonight. It rained this evening. We got some hail as well. Dakotah was down the last couple of days and after work today I took him up to Monument. I met Lynn there and sat and visited with her a while. Lynn’s boys were at hockey practice and a number of other mothers were sitting there with Lynn and visiting while their kids all practiced. They seem like a nice bunch of woman. What a different life Lynn has from me. Pretty much I never met, knew or talked to any other women who had kids my kid’s ages other then Camille. All the women I have ever know or talked with worked with me. The women that she knows are all different types of woman, with many different types of jobs. I really have had very few friends that I sat and visited with all these years. Still my circle of friends is very small.

It seems that all of last week was so busy. I don’t even recall what I did. Over the weekend I did get the yard measured, the grass areas roto-tilled and the remaining crushed rock in the driveway moved to its appropriate locations. It looks good. I even put down a little bit of concrete at the curb so that we have a nice transition from the street to the area beside the driveway where we will park. When we got it all in place we made hand prints in the cement. (Philip, Curtis, Dakotah and I) Not that anyone will ever notice it, it was simply fun to do. I need to pay bills before I leave for Philadelphia on Friday. I need to look at my money tomorrow as my house payment and second mortgage will pull on Wednesday this week and I need to make sure that there is enough money there to cover it. Gah!! I tend to procrastinate because I just don’t want to see the very small or negative number.

It’s cool tonight. Below 70 degrees. I can hear the train coming through town, and quiet hum of the traffic down on the highway. Curtis took my car to work tonight. He’ll be taking my car every night at about 8:30 pm, so I need to be sure to be home by then. Work has been terribly busy and I have definitely been stressing about a lot. Stuff has happened the last few work days that have really agitated me. I think that I probably have been over sensitive, but I’ve allowed myself to feel attacked and it has stirred me up. Once it was someone saying that perhaps I had changed something and perhaps that was the problem (which it wasn’t and it upset me, far more then it should have). Today some marketing guy from San Jose was complaining about how we had NO excuse for not getting something started. We’d asked for customer documentation a week ago, and he insisted that we already had the information and that there was no excuse for our delaying the start – responded to the request on FRIDAY after 4:30 pm!!! (Four days after the requested) And then today he was whining again about it. GRRRRRR… Ya, we had the document (from 2 YEARS AGO) and he’d assigned it a different customer assigned number then and now it appears that he is creating the ‘special’ number all over again for the exact same thing. Part of me thinks I should just do what ever they ask, whether or not it is right or wrong, because no one seems to care if you are trying to make sure things are done right, they just want you to do whatever they ask, when they asked whether or not it makes sense. As you can se it’s STILL making me mad.

This past Friday night, us girls met, had dinner and sat over at Barnes-Noble and played Scrabble. It was really a nice evening. Every time we get together I think how special it is that we have the opportunity to get together so often. You never know what the new day will bring, so I try to enjoy these times together. I was talking to my sister Lynn, Saturday, when we got together for June birthdays. I realized that I am really in such a nice place it my life. So much is good. My boys are grown, and I have the freedom to do so much of what I WANT to do. It’s wonderful. My boys are still around, my health is good, I like my house and my job. There is tremendous comfort in my life at this moment, and I am trying very hard to simply enjoy it.

Friday I bought a new book on Pern. (The dragon books I was reading last summer.) It sits on my bed, just waiting for me to pick it up. I haven’t read as much as I’d like. I know once I get started I’ll be reading most of the summer. I’m looking forward to reading this new book and then all the books left in the series that I’ve already bought or borrowed that are sitting on my bookshelf. I reserved a book at Barnes-Noble when I was there. It is another book by the lady that wrote “The Time Travelers Wife” which I really enjoyed reading. It’ll publish the end of this month. I also ordered the 5th season of Star Trek the next generation. I have really been enjoying the series, but am looking forward (as well) to watching the Voyager Series again. I am such a dweeb. :o)

The first hurricane of the season has formed in the Gulf of Mexico. Mid-June is far too early for these storms to be starting. I wonder what sort of a season we’ll have this year. I have been writing email to a gentleman from Jamaica, Harry, over the last few months. We’ve talked about hurricanes some. Jamaica is right in the major pathway of hurricanes. He mentioned a few weeks ago that the rainfall has already started there, which usually foreshadows the hurricane season. I am wishing I had the weather channel about now. I so enjoy watching the weather. I seem to be particularly fond of storms. Rains, thunderstorms, snow, blizzards…. Tornados and hurricanes are fascinating. It is amazing the power of nature. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are fascinating as well. I just wish that no one was injured or killed during these events. In and of themselves they are captivating.

I am definitely enjoying the correspondence with Harry. He is also a Bahá’í and that is a common starting ground. It is fun to hear about events happening in that country. Every culture is so different from the others. It’s interesting to see how the Bahá’í Faith is able to mesh together such diversity under a common umbrella. Harry is a Ruhi facilitator. It is amazing to me that the thread of Ruhi runs through all the communities on the planet. The same books, the same information, the same methods. I love that common thread. I am sure we are very different in other ways, but that is what makes life interesting, discovering things about people It’s an interesting journey. I guess we’ll see what happens with that.

I’m looking forward to my trip. Only a few more days and then I am off to the east coast. It’ll be an adventure.

It’s almost 2 am. It’s cool out and I really should just crawl into bed and sleep. However… here I sit. It’s perfect sleeping weather.

Sweet Dreams. M.

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