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June 05, 2006 - Monday, 11:49 p.m.

Summer time and the living is easy...

The wind is blowing and the chimes are ringing outside my window. Itís one of those evenings that I just want to sit and watch the evening pass by. Itís still 80 degrees, but it is cloudy and overcast. There is rain in the air. I love it. Itís quiet here. Everyone is gone. I came home to an empty house tonight.

I need to find some time tonight to pick up the house. Iíll get Curtis to clean his room and I may clear out some of the junk on the floor in Philipís room. Itís getting bad in there. Itís hard to even open the door!!

I am finding it very hard to concentrate at work. I am restless beyond measure. I have to keep a dedicated effort going to find a new job.

Today is my parent's 47th Wedding Anniversary. Thatís amazing!! This year it was 16 years for my two youngest sisters (Lynn & Char) and their husbands, then Camille and Kevin (whose kids are close in age to mine) theyíll celebrate 25 years in September. Wow, I can believe itís been that long... I sure failed on THAT front. I separated before my 9th Anniversary and was divorced shortly after my 10th. It was fifteen years on May 15th that I've been on my own with my boys. Amazing... you know it was inconceivable to me at that time that I might be alone for fifteen years?!? Now I have no issues with looking out another 24 years and figuring it's likely I'll still be on my own on my 70th birthday. If my finances were a little closer to settled I'd be very content. I like where I live, I like my friends, I like my job. (Though I know the job is going to change). I like how I spend my free-time. Other then the financial stress everything is good. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about what the next 30 years are going to look like. I am projecting my ability to have all my bills in order and/or gone by my 75th birthday. I am just hoping that I'll be able to work full time until I am 75. Life will most likely change, it never does work out the way you expect or envision.

I have a new chime hanging over my computer here that I bought this winter. I need to get it hung up outside my window. Hopefully I can get that done in the next couple of days. Digital cameras are wonderful. Here are some pictures of my domain. :o)


A number of hours have gone by and itís approaching midnight. I went to Feast this evening. (That a devotional/administrative/social gathering that occurs every 19 days in the BahŠíŪ community) It was nice to see you many of the Friends. I have a number of friends that I donít seem to see as often as I like and I enjoyed visiting with them tonight. One of the ladies from my study circle is ill and wasnít there tonight. Her daughter requested prayers for her mother. Her mother has heart problems and I guess they are getting worse. I so very much enjoy her company. I will stop by to visit with her this week. She is around my motherís age, but my motherís health is much better.

The temperature is dropping some tonight. Itís about 69 degrees and there is a wonderful cool breeze coming in the window, though not enough to make my chimes sing. It smells lovely out. I would hate to have air conditioning; I would miss the smell of the outdoors if I had to shut up the house. The house is so quiet tonight. I wonder where Curtis is. He needs to get home soon, as I believe he has to work in the morning. I think Iíll call and try to reach him on the cell phone.

Sweet dreams. I think Iíll sleep well tonight. M.

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