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October 22, 2005 - Saturday, 10:36 a.m.

Somethings gotta give...

Itís Saturday, and it looks like a lovely day. My house needs to be cleaned. Iíve piles of laundry to do. I have homework I must get done. I have something I need to look for, for my mother. There are things that need to be done on the house outside. Megan wants to go to a movie today. However, I am pretty sure that I need to get outside and exercise some. My mind has to be cleared. Iím contemplating hiking in Garden of the Gods. I am sure the fresh air and movement will help. I had a good cry last night. Donít know that it did much more then give me a tremendous headache, but itís bound to have helped some, though I still have a headache.

Iíd really like to get some things done so that I feel like Iíve accomplished something this weekend. But, here I sit. OkayÖ my room is driving me crazyÖ I have to get up and get dressed and get out of here. Get some fresh air and then come home and get some of this stuff done around here.

Iím going to take my camera and a journal, and just take in the day some. The leaves are gorgeous this year.

Iíll be back later.


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