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November 06, 2004 - Saturday, 12:13 a.m.

Sister's Weekend - Denver

This weekend has gone by far too quickly. It was our second “Sisters Weekend”. The last time the four of us did this was about two years ago. At that time I hadn’t even contemplated returning to school to get my masters degree, and Char was in the last year of hers. We returned to the same hotel in downtown Denver and the weather has been spectacular. Camille and Lynn came up from Castle Rock together and Char and I came up from the Springs together. Believe it or not, without a plan, we all showed up in the lobby of the hotel at the same time and checked in. We wandered down the 16th Street Mall and strolled down the street and back. I bought myself a new jacket and then we came back and had dinner at the “Cheesecake Factory”. We returned to the hotel and went to the pool and then sat in the Jacuzzi and visited. Then back to the room for a rousing game of Scrabble and then we relaxed and watched “The Notebook”. It was a great movie. 100% a chick flick. Just makes one yearn for love. ::sighs::

Not that I am much of a shopper, but today was the perfect day to wander around the 16th Street Mall in Denver… strolling in and out of shops, seeing a movie and getting lunch. A wonderful day spent with my sisters. We saw “Alfie” which though it was an okay movie, wasn’t my type of movie at all. Then we had lunch at the “Hard Rock Café”. We went back to the hotel room and played a couple games of Scrabble.

We were going to go out to dinner tonight, but ended up we just weren’t hungry. Camille, Char and I went up to the pool tonight and then to the Jacuzzi again for a little while. Char and I sat and visited for a while after Camille went back to the room. We talked about kids, school and work. It really is time for me to start looking for another job. She had lots of wonderful input for my resume AND interviewing.

Getting together like this is absolutely a superb idea and definitely something we should be doing once a year.

There is still so much left for me to do this weekend. Gah!! I’ve a meeting tomorrow morning for the School Committee and then when I get back to the Springs in the early afternoon, I need to head right up to the school and spend a couple hours working on my MGMT class.

Glad to be away from work and, for a moment, life in general. I am just in this nice space with my sisters.

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