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November 03, 2004 - 11:24 a.m.

Winter Comes A Creeping..

Winter has a way of creeping up on us in Colorado. It isn't that we don't see it coming. It's the disbelief of Mother Nature that surrounds us that throws us off. There are thousands of trees and shrub all over town desperately clinging to their green foliage. The rose bush outside my window was blooming and still had buds on it even as it was laden with snow. My daisies started putting up new green leaves and buds that began blooming again last week. I even still have a few pink petunias in my flowerbeds, defiantly blooming in the snow. That's why I love it here. In Minnesota, everything would turn to their autumn colors and drop to the ground and then the first snows would come and a layer of snow would lie on the ground until spring.

This past weekend I had Lynn's two youngest kids, Ian and Jasmine. Lynn had her procedure on Friday and then hockey tournaments all weekend with her two older boys. The two youngest joyfully got into the car with me on Friday night and came to my house. Jasmine is 4 and was so excited, that though Lynn was sure she fall asleep in the car on the way home from Chuck E. Cheese's, and when she didn't, would MOST assuredly fall asleep on the trip to the Springs, Jasmine was most resilient. She chattered in the car all the way back to my house. Excitedly she picked out a movie to watch in our pjís in my room. She managed to stay up through almost two entire movies before she finally drifted off to sleep. She woke up in the morning with a tear in her eye, missing her mommy, which quickly passed. Ian and Jasmine had a busy weekend, as did I. We carved pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns Saturday morning, and then to Kyleís graduation party in the afternoon. Jasmine went with us to Lís for dinner and Ian and Dakotah (who was added to the pot Saturday afternoon) to Camilleís for the evening, and then ultimately over night. Jazz played well with Gaby. The adults played LOTR Monopoly - my 3 boys, Moon and L. It was such a fun evening. We got home and Jazz fell asleep about 10 minutes into the movie. Sunday was a quiet day. We slept in and Ian and Dakotah arrived back at the house about 11 am. Jazz and I did a puzzle (numerous times) and watched TV. I think the kids started to get bored as the day drifted by and at 4 pm we climbed into the car with all their gear and jack-o-lanterns and I took them back to Castle Rock.

The trick-or-treaters were far and few between and I quietly watched the Disney Channel and worked on my project for OPTM. It started raining about 7 pm, which slowly shifted to snow. Through the night almost 8 inches fell in the city, and more or less all over the Front Range. Monday dawned very winter-like, and VERY cold.

Other excitement this weekend, my oldest son got pulled over on his way home for lunch on Friday night. The officer wasnít happy with Justinís lane change. However once he pulled up Justinís DMV record, the cop ended up taking his LICENSE!!! Justin couldnít believe it; he even asked the cop if he was joking. Nope, he said that Justin had neglected to pay a fine and his license had been suspended in JUNE!! He noticed Justinís cell phone and asked him if it worked. Justin said yes and he told him heíd better use it to get a ride, because if they saw him drive away in the vehicle or even driving it later theyíd impound the car and take him to jail!! Phil and Curt went and picked up him and his car and brought them home. Phil then took Justin around all weekend to where ever he needed to go. Justin spent the weekend verbally trying to sort out what ticket it was that they claimed he hadnít paid. Monday morning, they went down to the police station, and low and behold, it was an error on THEIR part. Heíd paid it promptly, but it had never made it through the system to his DMV record. Talk about frustrating!!! Hopefully today itíll be just a quick trip to the DMV to get the license re-issued.

What a weekend!!

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