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August 10, 2004 - Tuesday, 10:55 p.m.

Back to the Grind

Wow... vacation's over and back to work already. It always seems to go so quickly. The trip was really nice. Hard to get back into the swing of working. Justin and Moon got home tonight. So everyone is back to their spots. Nice to have everyone home.

Seems that work just picked up where it left off. Nice to get back and not feel far behind. Nice change of pace. I got my final grade for Accounting.. a B+. I'm thrilled. What a relief!! Ready for a break from school for another couple weeks.

While we were gone I guess it rained every day. My lawn... or the weeds I call a lawn... were about a foot high. I managed to get it mowed last night.. which was good - had to start the lawnmower over 4 times as it keep stalling from all the wet grass build up. It's rained every night since we got home too. What strange weather we've had. Severe thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings, flash flood warnings!! Sheesh!! Some of THE most amazing thunderheads that I have EVER seen. I'll try to get a picture tomorrow night if they are here again. They are forecast, so imagine they will be. Last night there were areas of softball size hail out east. SOFTBALL!?! Unbelievable.

Had that amazing amber hue outside again tonight. It alwayts reminds me of tornado weather... that's two nights in a row. We got a little rain and could see lightening off in the distance. The wind is blowing and it smells lovely out.

It's growing late and I am tired. Time to listen to the wind and drift off to sleep.


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