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June 26, 2004 - Saturday, 9:59 a.m.

Rain, Rain... stay right here...

This week has certainly slipped by quickly and quietly. I spent the week training the new guy at work. Hopefully by the time I leave for my vacation in August, he'll be up to running it by himself. It's hard to train someone on it, as there are so many facets to it, that I am sure I have left a number of holes in the information.

It was a rainy, overcast week. It'll never be enough rain to get us out of our drought, but it is still lovely to see so much of it. Everything is going to start growing like crazy as soon as the sun comes out for any length of time.

So far my class is going good. I am worried that I am being a little too lax. Much of the information is very straight-forward, and I am afraid that is going to lull me a little bit, and the test is going to knock me down. Trying to be proactive on the homework and reading, but I am already beginning to lag behind.

We are finally doing the big June Birthday Party... and have pulled ahead to Taran's birthday as well. So that is 4 birthdays and 1 anniversary to celebrate. Thank goodness I've already bought a number of the gifts. Still need to pick up a couple more and then some food to add to our 'potluck' dinner tonight.

It's Justin's short week, so he is done for the week. Moon had her wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. She is doing VERY well. She went into work this morning, and will work a half day today and tomorrow. It looks like the basement project is going to get underway again on Monday. My dad will be down and he and Justin will spend Monday and Tuesday working on it. I look forward to it being done.

I would like to get some cleaning done around the house, but seem to be minimally motivated at the moment.

My two youngest have yet to find jobs this summer. I do so wish that they were a little more motivated to make it happen. I am afraid that I am at fault here for some of this. I must make it pretty easy for them to NOT have jobs. However, I really think that they are great kids and that the time of responsibility comes very quickly in life and then never goes away. Curt will finish high school in the next year and is looking to go to work where I do in August (1 1/2 months from now), so am waiting to see that unfold. Phil will head off to college at Fort Collin's in late August, and then he is going to have to pull his own weight. It's going to be quiet here. Mostly just Moon and Justin.. and me here this fall.

Will be very glad to have my house back into some semblence of order. Am tired of Curtis camping out in the living room every weekend, and Phil's room stays a mess far too much of the time... it makes me crazy.

Am keeping my mind and thoughts off the political arena, and trying not to think too much about the economic plight. Trying to avoid thinking about gas prices rising and the possibility of real estate values falling. Trying to keep myself distanced from my finances without allowing any of those balls that I am juggling to drop to the ground. Trying to stay focused on the task at hand. School. School. Forward movement. Hope. Possibilities. Perhaps, day light and the end of a particularily long tunnel.

Wishing I could focus some time on some artistic pursuits. Mostly just to exercise that part of my brain. Creativity. So much I should and could be doing, but I'm not.

Take a deep breath and get out of the house, my dear.

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