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June 17, 2004 - Thursday, 12:39 p.m.

Raindrops and dark clouds...

I turned off the TV, snuggled beneath the covers and lay in the dark listening to the rain last night. The temperature had dropped quite a bit, down into the upper 40ís. I was beyond tired. I walked out of class thinking Iíd work on my homework some when I got home, but found that I was just too tired to even contemplate it. I think I was asleep by about 11 pm. I didnít wake up until after 8 am, and with a headache at that. Took my meds and crawled back into bed for another hour.

[The view from downtown, looking north]

The whole day is off somehow. Itís still rainy and overcast today. Every plant in the area is giving a big sigh of relief as they absorb all the water in sight. It smells lovely out. There isnít a perfume on the market that smells better then rain soaked pine needles, cedar and dirt. I could sit quietly on a porch for hours just smelling the rain, listening to the raindrops and the distant rumble of thunder.

Yesterday Camille was in to interview for a job in planning. I know that she would do an outstanding job in that capacity. She told me her interview went pretty good, but that the person interviewing her, spent a great deal of time telling her what seemed to be reasons why she probably wouldnít get the job. That makes me mad. I know that Camille has a wonderful mind and is beyond capable to learn anything set before her, but I also know that people tend to make judgments based on looks and that Camille could lose some weight, should have NO bearing on decisions, but I know that it does. And that is just wrong. ::sigh:: I am still hoping that they will recognize that she would be a good choice and chose her.

Our new person starts Monday. I am planning to spend a good amount of time with him to start off; I am thinking that the tasks that I am going to want him to take may be perceived as below his capabilities. I also feel that it could take up a great deal of his time, and I am feeling that my boss is going to be concerned that he NOT get bored and leave. Gah! Itís making me tired to think about it.

The thoughts of weather and cataclysmic events are still drifting around in my mind. I read a couple articles yesterday. One was a Newsweek article about Nancy Reagan and the other was a news story in the Wallstreet Journal about the terrorist attack of 9/11/2001. One was looking at the disease of Alzheimerís and the other was about the scope of the original 9/11 attack plan, and that it was scaled down. The first article has me thinking about stem cell research and that impact on us, and the other on the fragility of our existence, as we know it. Both were heavy articles and sad in their own ways. ::sighs::

The office area has cleared. Itís lunch time and very quiet here. I am listening to the soundtrack from Harry Potter and the Sorcererís Stone todayÖ magical and eerie sounding. Given my druthers Iíd call it a day and head off to the moviesÖ and terribly tempted to do that as it is. I am having a terrible time focusingÖ

Hours later...

Sat in a nice dark theatre for my lunch today... saw "The Day After Tomorrow" again. The sun was shining when I walked out to lunch, but it was raining when I walked out of the theatre. Nice afternoon... though I am still down...

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