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June 16, 2004 - Wednesday, 5:57 a.m.

Early Morning, Mid-June

It's overcast this morning, and blessfully cool. 58 degrees this morning, was down to 53 in the night. So nice. Today's low expected (or forecast) to hit 45, which will probably happen sometime tonight. Lovely! I sleep so much better when it is cool out. Yesterday it rained and hailed. At work you could hear the hail on the roof of the building, after a while I had to go out to the hall to look outside to see what it was doing. There must have been about 15 people crowded in the doorway watching the rain and hail. A sad commentary on the amount of windows in our building.

I'm up early this morning. Am sure I could sleep another couple of hours, but why bother? I wanted to take a shower and Justin will drop me at work this morning so I needed to get up and moving.

It's quiet in the house. Always nice in the early morning. Mariah will be here today. She and Phil can hang out and maybe go to a movie. Now THAT would be fun.

I worked on my homework until about 10 pm. Didn't really get it all done, other then the reading. I am hoping it'll really click in class today. I worked at over half of the problems, not sure I got valid answers, but here's hoping I am in the ballpark.

Usually at work I sit in my own little world. I have music on and work through my email and the piles of work. Every now and then I'll catch the conversation over in a cube of my co-workers. There are three of them in that cube and often people will stop by and visit. Some times the conversations are just stuff I don't want to listen to so I put in the ear phones and drown out the voices, other times the topic catches my attention and I listen. Last week they were talking about the forensic shows on TV. Sounds like a number of them watch them. They were focusing on the incompetency of the people who murder people that they know. Often they blunder terribly, and it is obvious that either they didn't have a very good plan or they weren't terribly bright. Sometimes it's both. It was both interesting to listen to and sad at the same time to realize how many people do kill spouses and family members.

My mind is skipping around this morning, am back thinking about weather. We've got rain forecast for 5 days. That's amazing, as we basically live in a semi-arid environment. I am back thinking about "The Day After Tomorrow". Weather, weather... life-as-we-know-it altering weather. Some times it is amazing to realize how much we count on life staying the same, and not changing. Jobs remaining the same, the price of gas staying the same. We are such creatures of habit, and familiarity makes us very comfortable. Prices may continue to go up, but we expect that our wages will as well. The value of our property continues to go up, so far. Can't imagine what the impact would be if the things that we hold dear, were to start to change, what chaos would surround us!! Weather changes on the one hand might not seem important, but the changes would truly change so much in our lives, in our world. Ponder, ponder.... guess I should really get ready for my day. Later gator.... M.

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