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June 14, 2004 - Monday, 10:40 p.m.

Back to School

Actually, I haven't felt very good today. I have had an upset stomach most of the day. I even had some hot tea, not a common thing for me. It helped some. My weekend was nice, but as usual not nearly long enough. It passed very quickly. Mom and Dad are still in North Dakota, though we expect that they will be heading home today. I am sure it was a long week or so for them. They farm is cleared out for the most part, all that is left is to sell the 2-5 acres that the homestead sits on and it'll all be done. Am sure it is going to be real hard for my Mom to drive away from the farm this time.

Char and I talked about Grandma S. yesterday as we drove up to Denver for our committee meeting. Char says Grandma's condition is deteriorating. She mentioned that Grandma is forgetting to chew. I guess I didn't realize how one's health deteriorates as we get close to dying. Char was saying that first things we forget are voluntary type things like memories of people and places, and then as you get closer to death you begin to forget involuntary type things like chewing, breathing or making your heart beat. Obviously when your body forgets to breath or make your heart beat, that's when you die. She says that chewing is one of the first involuntary skills to slip away. She was saying that when Mom is helping Grandma eat, or feeding her, that she has to remind her to chew. Char was saying, that Mom has said that the holidays have been bad these last years for Grandma, and Char figures Grandma will be gone before her 101st birthday. I tend to believe Char on these things. She worked on respiratory floor at the hospital for years. That is the floor that most elderly patients end up on when they are dying. So over the years she's seen it a lot. Truly feels like the end of an era. In my family, she is the last of that generation on both sides of my family. My mother only has 2 siblings left, and my dad has 4 siblings left (all of his siblings are still alive).

It was a long day today. I am tired. Going to crawl into bed after I try to read a little homework. Looks like at least I will enjoy the instructor. I hope I can do well in this class.

So much more swimming through my mind. Perhaps tomorrow.


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