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June 15, 2004 - Tuesday, 4:53 p.m.

Calming Sea

It's funny how the music I chose to listen to in a day, is often really the soundtrack of life for that day. Today I am listening to "Calming Sea". Itís one of those CD's you can get at Target. It's the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, with nice calming music accompanying it. I listened to it yesterday as well. Over half of my post yesterday was written at lunch while I listened to it. It makes me wish I was sitting on a comfy chair in the sand by the ocean, perhaps reading a book or more likely sitting gazing out at the waves mesmerized by the movement.

There is a terrible melancholy feel to my dayÖ that actually started a few days ago. Mom and Dad are done at the farm today. Most everything is loaded into the truck. Wayne headed into town to get something to eat and Mom said her last good-byes to the farm. Ack! How terribly hard to climb into that truck today it must have been, to feel the door of that era quietly closing behind her. It reminds me how often we (Grandma and us) would go over to the Kaylor place. Grandma would walk through the empty house and point things out. Am sure she was remembering her parents living there. That house stood a long time before Wayne tore it down.

I saw "The Day After Tomorrow" on Friday. What a great flick! Just the sort of movie I like. The special effects were good, and I don't care if the science wasn't exactly right, I still really enjoyed it. I seem to have some fascination with weather. I have to say that I am aware of hurricane season and in an active hurricane year find myself watching the weather channel like it's HBO.

Disappointed a friend over the weekend. I hate doing that, but sometimes it happens. She was kid-less for the weekend and was hoping to go out on the town. Her 'out-on-the-town' friend bowed out Friday, and our plans to go to the movies and do some shopping didn't end up being enough. Though I tried to let her know that I really didn't want to go to a Karaoke Bar, I guess I wasn't forceful enough in my reluctance. It didn't help that she was telling people to tell me to go and that I'd have fun. Ended up I just gave a wishy-washy response and because she really wanted to go, she went with the idea that we would go. I am not sure how I could have said I didn't want to go any more forcefully then I tried without making her mad on the spot. ::sighs:: I met with her at about 5 pm thinking we'd go out to dinner and hoping that she'd change her mind to going to a movie, as we'd also touched on that idea. However, we didn't get out of her house until almost 10 pm. And not finding the Karaoke place right away I opted for dinner, as I'd not eaten since breakfast. During dinner, my desire to not go and the fact that I was going to have to get up early the next day was not being acknowledged. She was pretty insistent that her makeup wasn't going to go to waste. ::sighs:: About then Phil called saying he'd made plans with friends and wondered if I'd be home in time for him to meet friends at 11 pm. I am ashamed to say I jumped at the chance. I wasn't feeling well and was very tired. When I dropped her at home I knew she was mad, but my only option had been to go to the Karaoke Bar. There hadn't been an option to say no, because I had tried that all day, to no avail. I went home, changed my clothes and crawled into bed. I was asleep in 15 minutes. I'd told her I was sorry when I dropped her off, and she'd said she'd go by herself. I asked her to call me when she got home. Sunday evening Justin told me she'd called about midnight on Saturday and said she didn't go anywhere. ::sighs:: Nonetheless, she is very pissed at me at the moment.

Sunday I went up to Denver with Char, Dakotah, Mariah and one of Mariah's friends. Char and I (and Donny) had a meeting in Denver at 9 am, I was up and gone by about 7:30 am. Our meeting went until nearly noon. Donny and Dakotah headed to Boy Scout Camp and us girls grabbed a sandwich and went to the movies. We saw "Mean Girls" - High School chick-flick. It was cute. We also did a little shopping at Target and Char dropped me off at home by about 5:30-6 pm Sunday night. It was really a nice day.

Trying to stay focused on school. Accounting is going to be a lot of work, and I want to make sure I put the time into it that I need to. There doesn't look to be any team projects, but I know we'll definitely study for the midterm and final as a group. I'll be taking the final about a week before the rest of the class and then off to the Lake. I must say I am really looking forward to my time at the Lake this year.

I am back listening to the "Calming Sea". Lovely. Soothing. Thinking about movies. "The Terminal" starts on Friday. Am thinking I'll head out of work a little early Friday and treat myself to a movie. I've lots I want to see this summer.

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