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June 26, 2008 - Thursday, 5:28 p.m.


I received an email today that had been sent out over the internet:

“A great soul is having difficulty in her latter years here on this plane. Ruth "Toby" Hampson a returned pioneer from Cyprus is currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah and has served the Faith for years selflessly and in multiple ways along with her husband Art "Hamp" Hampson who has since passed on. She is frail and can only see out of her left eye. She always appears to be in good spirit but her body is letting her down. This is a request for healing prayers and prayers for her steadfastness in her Faith until she too passes to the Abhá Kingdom.”

What an amazing woman Ruth is! I first met her a little over 30 years ago. I was a teenager, and she was a friend of my mothers. She had this amazing mind. So much information in there at her finger tips. When she heard about the Bahá’í Faith some time in the 1950’s, she set herself to investigate it. She read and she studied. Eventually she came out to Colorado to study with a long time Bahá’í Wandeen Kane. Wandeen had studied the bible in great length, and that was someone Ruth wanted to talk to, plus they were already friends.

I remember that Ruth gave such wonderful classes at Bahá’í Schools. She was a joy to listen to and learn from. Most anything she’d ever learned she could access within moments. She was a gifted speaker.

Time can be very hard. It seems we all move into a state where the body fails us. We can’t recall things that were once child’s play to us. Our limbs and backs grow tired, often our hands shake and we find we can’t quite do the things we once could. It is hard to watch people grow old, to see that twinkle in their eyes dim and energy in their step falter. I don’t know that you think about these things until you start to see it happen in your grandparents and then parents. You know it will happen to you; that you’ll repeat yourself more and more, and struggle to get around.

You know that the person that once was is still in there. The mind and body frail but the soul as strong as ever, and once released from the mortal bonds the soul soars.

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