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July 20, 2006 - Thursday, 5:12 p.m.


This whole war thing is just crazy. It doesnít seem to make much sense to me. At the very fundamental basis of it all itís Moms and their kids. A Mom lives in one country with her boys and another Mother lives in ANOTHER country with HER boys. Now, what Mom wants to send her boy out to die? What are we arguing about anyway? A piece of land? Or perhaps we donít like the way each other worships. Iím thinking about this thing between Israel and Lebanon. NowÖ we have Americanís in Israel AND we have Americanís in Lebanon. Honestly, we just need to learn how to get along!! Now I understand if human rights are being violated. If there is a bully on the playground, we need to put him in his place and make him stop. HE is encroaching on someone elseís rights.

Think about it, how unfair was it when someone misbehaved at school and EVERYONE was punished. It was like the teacher was too lazy to figure out who had done what and in turn punished everyone in hopes that peer pressure would resolve it. We tend to target a specific person or group in a war and all the other destruction is called collateral damage. Ooops, sorry didnít mean to kill YOU or destroy your home. However, you are still dead or your house is gone and I am not going to promise anyone else that it wonít happen again, because it probably will. That is just unacceptable to me.

All any of us wants out of life is to raise our children, be allowed to worship (or not) and be of service some how (have purpose). Those fundamental desires donít disappear or change just because you are from Iran or Florida. Obviously there are people out there that want to do nothing and have everything. Some care if they have power and/or prestige. But in the end all we have is a single life (our own) and the power to have done something good with that time or not. All we leave behind that really matters are our loved ones. You can think that some accomplishment you made was the legacy that is left behind, but in the annals of history itíll fade away to an obscure note in some journal. Really our legacy is our familyÖ our children, their children and so on.

I know that I am incredibly naÔve when it comes to politics. Itís just a bunch of hoo-ha in my mind. It makes me crazy that we expect our kids to get along in school. To accept that other children are different, but still they HAVE to get along. Yet on the planet we seem to be fighting all the time.

I would certainly be nice if it were MY world. In MY world, there is enough to eat for everyone. Everyone has a dry, comfortable bed and good protection from the elements. Everyone has the opportunity to become educated and be of service to others. Everyone has family and friends that love and look out for him or her. Why canít we just celebrate the differences rather then dwell on them and make them a bone of contention? Iíve lived in very diverse communities all of my life. The BahŠíŪ communities have been relatively small and yet there is a cross section of people from every walk of life, different cultures, ages, religious backgrounds, and income levels. We have to do more then just Ďtolerateí other people. We need to accept them for who they are. I appreciate the dynamics of diversity. Problems are solved with a breath of fresh air, when you work through such a variety of possible solutions. In nature diversity creates strength in the animal and plant worlds. Differences make for things that are stronger and better, it takes the best of both (that which is dominant) and proliferates it.

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