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May 05, 2005 - Wednesday, 11:59 a.m.

Time's ticking by...

Well, itís Wednesday night. ::sighs:: Our presentation went well. We handed in the book and the paper. You can probably hear me cheering there. The last week has been a blur. Iíve slept terribly, and as you can see I am up late again tonight. Though I find myself tired, I find myself unwilling to go to sleep. I still have the two journal entries to write for the MGMT class, but other then that am done with the class. I have some finance to do before class Monday, and then a week to study for the final after that.

Sunday, when I went up to Mom and Dadís my mother told me that she had my grandmotherís birthstone ring. Theyíd gotten it for her a few years ago, and she never took it off. My mother said that my Aunt said that I should get the ring. I was surprised, not expecting to get anything. Itís a teardrop shaped aquamarine stone with a few little chips of diamonds by it, set in gold. I am the only grandchild with a March birthday, the same as Grandma. I was surprised to find that I could wear it. Itís just a tad small, but I got it on and have been wearing it since.

Iím struggling with why I am fighting sleep. I think perhaps part of me just wants be awake and doing something Ďfuní. I want some time to do whatever I want and that seems to end up being the middle of the night. Tonight I am tired, after three short nights of sleep. But here I sit... typing. Truly I am very tired, and yet... I am agitated and restless. I have so much on my mind. I need to get rid of some of it, but sleep is befuddling my mind.

Lynn was down today and we had lunch together. It was nice to see her. Curtis was up babysitting at her house last night, so he was there for lunch too. Work is keeping me busy. I have a number of projects in the pipe-line. One of the die designers has been down to see me about every day this week. We visit every time he comes down. Heís an interesting guy. Itís strange after years and years of never having anyone Ďhití on me, it is odd to feel like people are interested in me. I could be completely off base, but still it is a nice feeling.

Iíve gotta get some sleepÖ I need to de-stress. Hopefully, Iíll find time to have some downtime. Iíve got to figure out somethingÖ.


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