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March 27, 2004 - 6:24 p.m.

You say it's your Birthday....

Today was a nice day. Philip and Curtis and I went out to lunch at On The Border. Then we went shopping at Target. It's been cloudy all day and rainy. I was hoping to find a nice fleece jacket that zips up... was hoping for black, but never saw anything that I liked (actually didn't find any fleece at all or zip up jackets for that matter).

I got a nice e-card from Lynn this morning. A little later my mother called from North Dakota to wish me a happy birthday. I then proceeded to talk to my Dad, Maureen, Aunt Peggy, Uncle Wayne and my grandmother. It was nice to hear from everyone. Camille called to wish me a happy birthday too. Phil wished me happy birthday when he woke up. It was really nice.

We also went out and got tires for the Honda today. So nice to have that done. It got an alignment as well which I guess was really off, so am glad we took care of that today. Curtis really wanted to go to a movie, but really I was 'movied' out.

I got an email from school about a Career Fair at the University next week. It said that there will be 40 employers there. I don't know that I am ready to go to a new job, but I do know that I'd like something that pays better. I wonder if I should go. Something to think about anyway.

I am pondering a nap. A pretty exciting day, don't you think? It's 10 til 7 pm and I am thinking about a nap?!? Ugh! I am tired of being tired. I really shouldn't be, but I am.

Perhaps one of these days I'll have something interesting to talk about... so far it's been pretty boring I think.

Later.... M.

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