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July 17, 2008 - Thursday, 12:56 a.m.


It’s after midnight. I can’t sleep. I went online and applied for a job. I am very restless at work. I can’t see down the road any more. I know that I am doing well at what I am doing, but I don’t feel like my job will go on much longer. I’d much rather leave of my own accord then be laid off.

My boys are all moving out, all at once, all together. It looks like they have found a house to rent that Moon loves. This was a big hurdle. It’s a little more then Justin, Moon and Philip could afford, so it looks like Curtis will move in with them as well. It’s only a little over a mile from here, but it seems a long ways away.

My life has been changing pretty steadily over the last few years and even MORE so in the last year. It is nice not to be alone. It is nice to look down the road of my life and see Scott there beside me. It will be very strange, however, to have just him, Alex and me living here. It will be very quiet. The house will seem gigantic!

Scott has teased me that I am going to get empty nest syndrome. How is that possible? It won’t be empty. But somehow, I think he is right. It is hard to think of my boys not being right here. It some ways it really is nice, in others very hard. I know that this is a good thing for them to be doing. They need to be out on their own. They are approaching their mid 20’s. I knew it was going to happen… and yet… my nest feels like it will be empty.

I am glad that Scott has the two boys. It makes the empty nest much easier to face.

We finished watching the first season of “Dexter”. What an engrossing show! I am not sure it is the best bedtime faire. It tended to haunt me a little when I was falling asleep. We are now watching “The Tudors”. This is an interesting show. It looks at the life of Henry the 8th, King of England. It is a much better bedtime watch.

Life is continually changing. I guess that’s what makes it interesting…

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