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April 9, 2008 - Wednesday, 9:12 a.m.

Spring Snows...

It definitely feels like winter again this morning. We have a storm moving in from a low pressure cell tracking across Arizona and New Mexico. Those storms always have the potential to drop a lot of snow here. It's grey, damp and foggy.

I so wanted to crawl back into bed this morning. I got up, made breakfast, but then did crawl back into bed after Scott left for work. It would have been SOOOoo easy to go back to sleep, but I didn't.

Megan and I went to the gym last night after work. She is getting ready to head off on her year of service at Green Acre, and is hoping to be in a little bit better shape before then. (That will be in June). We did the bicycle and then some weights and then the treadmill. It was nice. I always need the push, because I could easily skip it.

Scott has his interview in Denver tomorrow. I am really hoping that he does well. This job would be good for him. I am glad he is going up to Denver tonight, as the storm they are forecasting will be worse in the morning, and by then he'll be in a hotel within walking distance of the interview.

I have a trip to San Jose at the end of the month. It'll be just two days there. I have a number of things I'd like to talk with some people about. Hopefully I'll have pulled together all my thoughts BEFORE I get there. :o) I've been working on a presentation of my stuff for a little bit. Am hoping to get a few more days work into it before I go. I would like this trip to be a bridge to a new position in the company. My MBA is going to waste in my current position, and I still feel that ultimately my current job functions will be filled by some new people in Malaysia. I need to make myself a spot in the organization or I'll be on the layoff list. I believe I'd like to be involved with the group that has to do with master data control. We'll see what I can make happen.

This weekend I am organizing Mexican food for dinner for the people at the Bahá'í Center. This is the last weekend for that. It hasn't been too bad. I don't mind doing this sort of service. Last week I went to "Wonderful Wednesday" at the Center. Charlotte is doing children's classes on that night for the neighborhood kids (near the center). It's about a group of 10 kids. It was a fun class. The kids LOVE her. My mom usually brings dinner for the kids. They have a one hour class and then dinner. I'll probably go again tonight if I can get Scott out the door for his trip to Denver.

I got a really nice TV for my birthday from Scott and the boys. It's a flat screen, 26 inch. It's set up in the bedroom. I really enjoy watching TV in bed. :o) Still working on getting the house better organized. I still haven't cleaned out the linen closet. I really need to do that!! This past weekend Kevin made me my shelves for my pantry. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them. Such a better use of that space! I am itching to get out into the yard and do some yard work. Weather should be nice this weekend. I hope to get some done then! :o)

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