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February 15, 2008 - Friday, 3:52 p.m.

Perfect Valentine's Day...

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. It was a perfect day. :o) When I arrived at work I sent Scott a text message. "Happy Valentine's Day! I love you. Melissa" I got a text back shortly after that. 'You are the bomb i love you" A couple hours later I got a phone call. It was a guy, he verified who I was and then he started to sing to me about Valentine's Day. All I could think was, "Who IS this?!" It wasn't Scott, so I couldn't figure it out. Eventually he got to the end of the singing and told me there were some beautiful flowers for me at Security, and that he was the guy from Security. :o) One dozen gorgeous red roses, with a single white bloom in the center. Probably the most beautiful roses I've ever received. They are sitting next to me now at my desk and smell divine.

This was a personal dream for me. To receive roses at work on Valentine's Day. The clincher on this one?! The card "Perfect roses for a perfect wife" hand written by Scott and signed. This man is truly everything I ever dreamed of. He continues to make me so very happy. :o)

I went and picked up lunch for Scott and Nick and delivered it to them at work, from SS Subs. :o) I sat there and ate lunch with them. Then for dinner we met Camille and Kevin at Zio's at 6:30 pm. Good food and an enjoyable visit. We even ran into D with her new boyfriend Matt. He seems like really a nice man.

I later asked Scott what the one white rose was for. He said for our "First" Valentine's Day. :o) This man is terribly sweet. I LOVE it!

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