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January 10, 2008 - Thursday, 4:00 p.m.


So much has happened in the past few months. This was the first year in a long time that I didnít sit in reflection on New Years Eve. Instead this year I was getting married!

My two weeks off from work slipped by quickly! We went to a Christmas Party on December 22, and I got to meet all of Scott's co-workers. I sat next to the wife of one of the guys he's known a long time. Her name was Paula and she was really so very nice. It was a nice evening and it was nice to sit and visit with someone new. She and her husband Jeff came to the wedding as well. It's always nice to meet new people.

We had a nice Christmas Eve over at L's house. We watched "Elf" and had cookies and cheese cake and exchanged gifts. The boys were at their Mom's for 'Christmas Eve', but she called at like 6:30 to let us know we could pick them up, so we went and got them and took them with us.

Christmas Day was lazy and relaxing. We opened gifts and had breakfast. We watched "Lord of the Rings" (somewhat) most of the day. We had ham and scalloped potatoes for dinner. It was really good.

The day after Christmas I started working on the tunics full force. I had started with Scott's Christmas Eve day, but wasn't really happy with the trim I'd picked out. Sheri came by that day and looked at where I was at and suggested a different trim, which I then ordered some additional yards of from E-Bay. I LOVED Scott's two tunics. He looked VERY nice. They turned out very nice. I them proceeded to make 7 more tunics AND a dress for Moon. Everything was done by Saturday evening, except for a couple seams. I was happy with how they ALL turned out.

After Christmas my mother offered to sew my additional sleeve pieces for my dress in a shear material. They turned out perfect. I was SOOoo happy with my dress and all the jewelry the Debi made for me.

Sunday, before the wedding I went to Veda Salon for a "Spa Day". It was a facial and 1 hour swedish massage - compliments of my Bridal Shower!! I combined my gift card from my Mom and Maureen and then money from Lynn and my Aunt Peggy! It was a wonderful relaxing day.

Monday I was up and out of the house by about 9:15 am. My nail appointment was at 9:30. After my nail appointment I went home and worked on packing. Making sure I had all the 'things' for the wedding, like the toasting goblets and printed napkins. :o) Char called me and went and picked up the flowers on her own for the bouquet and arrangements (plus a corsage for my Mom). We got over to the hotel by about 2 pm. Camille and Lynn were already in the lobby drinking coffee and visiting. Scott and I sat down with them and rolled all the wedding programs and tied them with green ribbons with our names and wedding date on it.

Dane and Thyra showed up about 5 pm for a 'rehearsal' and we went through all the steps we'd take, where our cues would be, etc. I am SOO glad we did that! Dane had a number of good ideas and I felt it made a difference in the actual ceremony.

Char worked diligently most of the afternoon putting the cake together with her friend Sarah. She then did my hair and make up before the wedding. She did an amazing job on ALL of it. I loved my hair and the cake was wonderful (it tasted amazing too!!).

The wedding actually started on time at 9:30. Amazing, huh?! :o) Scott and Nick arrived up front first, Dane and Camille were already up there. Curtis and Alex went before me with the swords which they handed off to Nick (best man) and Camille (maid of honor) and Curtis took his place next to Camille and Alex next to Nick. I walked in on my Father's arm. EVERYONE was looking at me, and it made me nervous. I just focused on Scott and joined him by Dane. Lynn read a couple BahŠíŪ prayers and then Char recited a poem on marriage by Kahlil Gibran. After that Curtis played a guitar solo. It was wonderful. Brought a tear to my eye and Scott's. Justin read a long quote on marriage that I found and then Scott and I exchanged swords, rings and then vows. Dane kept the wedding on track and explained the swords and rings. :o) Poof!! We were married. :o)

We stood by the cake (which was a castle!!) and were greeted by all the guests and then took pictures. By the time I had time to sit down many of my friends had already headed home. It was a WONDERFUL wedding.

It turned out very nice and the evening was just nice. It was so nice to have so many people come.

Shortly after the ceremony was finished and I started to look over all the people that were there, I notice that Sam (Scott's knight) wasn't there and neither was L. I wasn't too surprised about Sam, as we haven't seen him much and he seems to not show up for stuff. However L, I was surprised. I worried that something had happened with their car or with them... Hospital or something. I decided to let it go and enjoyed the rest of my evening. We did our toast about 11:15 as people were continuing to leave. About half of the guests stayed with us until the stroke of midnight. Before everyone dispersed, especially my family, we open up the gift from all my siblings, kids, parents, and Kim and Dale. It was 3 nights at the Hot Springs Lodge and Pool in Glenwood and just over $300 in cash to spend! WOW!! A Perfect gift!! The entire honeymoon was compliments of my family!!

It was nice. We were cleaning up after the guests had mostly left. Taking gifts to the room etc. Alex took a pile and I asked him to take them to the room. He wanted to know if I meant Scott's room or my room. LOL. I said "You donít think I am going to say in the same room with your dad tonight?!" It was the ONLY room we had. It was cute.

The next morning we got up and packed up the hotel room. Went out to the lobby and stopped to visit with Camille, Jodi and Lynn who were sitting by the pool, while Kevin, Jodi's Scott and Maleah swam. On our way back to the house to pick up Bjorn to take him to his mother's I called L too see what happened and wish her a happy birthday. The reason she wasn't there? It wasn't really specific. She said she'd had to work that night at the last moment, and I asked how late. She said 8:30 or 9. Hmmmm... Okay. She said when she went upstairs after work the G was asleep and her husband zoned out on the couch. So they went to bed. Hmmm.... I let it go. Told her I was glad it wasn't anything serious.

We dropped off stuff at the house, picked up Bjorn, dropped him at his mom's and headed out for Glenwood Springs. We arrived in Glenwood just after dark. The roads had been good, which was good. The hotel was nice and we got free continental breakfast and passes to the hot springs each day we were there. :o) We spent all morning every day in the hot springs after eating breakfast in the Hot Springs Deli down by the pools. After all the long hours in the hot springs, we napped and watched TV most of the afternoons and into the evening. It was a wonderfully relaxing trip. We left the hotel on Thursday for a few hours. Drove to Carbondale, as we were thinking about going to a movie, but it started too late. We then returned to Glenwood and had a very late lunch at Chili's. The rest of the time it was delivery or the Deli. We had a great time. It's a trip that would be really nice to repeat every year. :o) We'll see how that goes. :o)

Our drive home on Friday was uneventful. No bad snow or roads again. We really lucked out!! It was then a quiet weekend of staying home without kids.

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