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September 05, 2007 - Wednesday, 2:45 p.m.

Nice Weekend...

I am doing better again. It took me a few days to bounce back, but by Sunday night I was feeling pretty good. I had a fun weekend at 3 Stags. I really didn't do a lot. I watched Sheri's archery and for the most part just socialized. It was really a nice, relaxing weekend. I did do one class on Sunday on making garments without a pattern. She showed us with a dress, but the principles are the same for tunics and other clothing. I can't wait to try it!! :o) I have plenty of material, so it's just picking something to make and getting started. I need to get everyone's measurements so I can make whatever I want for who ever I want.

Monday I brought him coffee and breakfast and then came back in the evening and made dinner. I did a little sewing in between. It was a nice day. We talked some that evening, so at least I have a better idea where he is at. He is basically right where I thought he was, but he finally confirmed that. He's still struggling to figure out where he is, and working through all the stuff from his last marriage. I told him I could be patient. I'll give him some breathing space. I need to be less tactile, which is hard for me, but I understand his reasoning and agree with him. I still don't know which way this will end up, but I am hopeful that I'll be happy with how it unfolds. It's hard to have feelings for someone and not know if it is ever going to be returned. I do know that I want him in my life... I don't want to contemplate not having him around.

Mentally I am focusing on the sewing, which I am really enjoying. I have a few things to finish up this week before Crown. I spend a great deal of time thinking about just what I'll make, and thinking about new things to make. It fills up alot of my thoughts. Best to keep focused on that.

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