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August 03, 2007 - Friday, 2:00 p.m.

Camping and doing...

I went to my first SCA event this past weekend. It was a weekend camping event called Baron’s War. I had a GREAT time. I guess I forgot that I enjoy camping. It has been such a long time since I did that and all I could remember was the uncomfortable ground. Using a cot made all the difference in the world! It looks like the SCA is FILLED with camping events. There is another over Labor Day Weekend and another the following weekend! I’m actually looking forward to the opportunities to camp. Go figure!?!

It is really fun to have all the social stuff to do!! For a person that usually wants to have all this free time, I seem to be happily putting my time into this. I’ve been going to Fighter Practice every week, and I just enjoy it. It is fun to watch all the ‘practicing’ and to partake in all the visiting. This week there was a short class on getting started on your persona. I spent a bunch of time this week thinking about this. It is so much like character development in something that your write. It’s totally engaging my mind. I did a bunch of time line searches, looking at history, just pondering when and where my persona might be from. I am attached to Scotland so have been looking at THEIR history to see which period looks interesting. Still thinking. :o) I haven’t even come up with a name yet!! I need to do that pretty soon.

I am totally getting into sewing. :o) Last week I made four things for S and his boys!! They all turned out pretty good. As well as the dress I made myself the week before. At least they were happy with them. :o) I am really enjoying the sewing projects. I have lined up 5 or 6 more things I need to make or fix. :o)

I went to the event with S and the boys. Sheri met us there and then she and I shared a tent. I did the cooking for S and the boys. It was really enjoyable. We were missing a lot of stuff that we just should have had to cook and camp. I’ve started collecting camping stuff for S. I did it as a ‘we’ thing, but probably should be looking at pulling together my own set of gear so that S doesn’t feel obligated to include me if he doesn’t want to. I do enjoy all the organizing. It’s fun to get prepared to do something like that at the drop of a hat. :o) We need some ‘period’ eating gear. (Metal, wood or ceramic mugs, etc) Often it is called Feast gear. I need to get some a specific set called ‘feast gear’ for feast events.

The event was actually more fun then I expected it to be. Even though it rained something terrible and there wasn’t a lot organized for people other then the fighters. It was fun to see all the different clothes and tents. It was all so neat. Makes you want to have all the fancy gear. :o) After all the years I’ve been looking for some group to join, this is unexpected.

For the most part I am in a happy content spot at the moment. It’s been such a long time since my underlying mood was happy and content. Even will all the changes bombarding me, I am in a good place.

Philip is working on cleaning out his room. It’ll be an office by the time he leaves for college in the next week or so. Wow… that is amazing to think about. And then Curtis too. So many changes.

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