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March 12, 2007 - Monday, 1:00 p.m.

Time is Flying...

Time is flying by. In May Justin and Mom will have been married for three years already! Philip is looking at going to CSU again. Curtis is looking at Western Electric and going through their journeyman training for an electrician. He is very ready to get moved out of the house. Moon is going to look for work in Denver and if that happens then they may end up moving there.It is very strange to think about being at home alone.

I am certainly hoping that my refinance will go through on my house. I feel very much adrift. I am not sure why. Work has been relatively stressful as of late.

One thing I have thought about alot lately are my parents. The realization or perhaps just the thought has come to me, that my life won't ever be like that. My mother would say that they were just lucky to have has their marriage work out so well, becuase there wasn't a lot of planning before hand. They have the same core priorities, though they are very different. I know is was a lot of work too.

My marriage didn't turn out. I am sure that I am at least partially to blame, though I know that our "core" priorities were never the same.

I can look at my siblings and see how "seperate" our lives have become from my parents. Us girls only see them about once a month, but the rest of the time when they are alone they seem content. They have each other and a full life of responsibilities that they have chosen. For me, my life will be very quiet. There won't be anyone around that I'll have a "history" with. My sisters? Yes they'll be around, but they'll be in the midst of their own lives. My parents see their siblings a couple times a year. It'll be strange -

It's warm out today. I've come outside to sit to absorb a little heat and fresh air. Time to go back in...

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