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December 29, 2006 - Friday, 8:20 p.m.

Winter Wonderland...

Two thousand and six is drawing to a close. Itís hard to believe that another year has slipped by. The weather has been very winter like the last few weeks. I like the way it looks. I had my CT Scan and doctor appointment in Denver on Thursday. Fortunately, the scan was done very quickly and then I was able to move up my doctor appoint. We were headed out of Denver before the time of my original appointment. My surgery has been set for January 10, 2006. They will be removing my right adrenal gland. Itíll be laparoscopic so I am hoping for a quick recovery.

It dropped about 8 inches of snow yesterday and it was quite cold so the roads werenít good. Philip wasnít able to get out of the driveway to go to work, and Moon said her drive home was scary. Justin walked down the hill and got the car back to the house. This morning I headed out about 9 am and shoveled some snow, thinking perhaps I might get out and get to work. By the time Iíd cleared a couple paths and started to clean off my car I was freezing cold. I came in and took a hot bath and then crawled into bed. I slept about 4 hours and then woke up with a low grade fever.

I love the quiet that comes with the snow. It some how feels incredibly serene.

This has been quite the year. Itís seems forever ago that I graduated. And itís only just over 6 months ago. Iíve not found another job this year, and I imagine I didnít look as hard as I might of if I really wanted to change. At work our CEO was ĎdethronedĒ and a new CEO took his place at the beginning of fourth quarter. Heís hired a number of new people to key positions (some of which didnít exist before like a Chief HR Officer). I am hopeful that change will be positive and that Iíll see it in the next few months. I got a promotion at work, and have been working at fixing my financial situation. One might facilitate the other if I could just find a new job or get paid better. Here is to hoping that next year will be even better. It looks like 2007 will show me my boys all in college! I am hoping it is a successful year for them.

I am finding comfort in the familiarity of my life. Itís funny how we yearn for the things that we know. I know it makes me feel very content. There are things Iíd like to see improve, like keeping up with the laundry or keeping the house straighter, but all in all itís good. I have time to myself, there tends to be a din of activities in the back ground always. I like having my boys around. I know these years are special. Not every Mom has the pleasure of having her kids around for so long. Or the time Iíve had to get to know Moon. I love the ebb and flow of my nieces and nephews at the house. It is wonderful to see how close all twelve of our kids are going to be.

Ethan was down for a couple nights. He road home with Philip and I from Christmas dinner at Lynnís. I can see why the boys like Philip. He talked with Ethan the whole car ride home. Mostly they talked about music, but Philip treated him like he was an equal. As an oldest child I know how wonderful it is to have older kids to hang around with that donít treat you like a little kid. I always wanted to hang out with Beverlyís kids. It wasnít real often, but I did it enough to become friends with my cousins and still am close to them.

Dakotah showed up about halfway through Ethanís visit and stayed here one night too. They had a GREAT time. Megan is in and out a lot, as are Kyle and Maleah, and Jeremy. Itíll be very strange when everyone is off living their lives. Itíll be quiet here all the time then, which is odd to think about.

I figure Iíll still need to look for that second job. So now that I know when my surgery will be and have a rough idea of when Iíll be feeling tip-top, I can start to seriously look for something. Right at this moment I feel optimistic about what the future will bring. Somehow itíll all work out if I work hard enough at it all. At least I am moving into an era of my life, where I donít need a lot. That definitely helps.

I am going to try to keep up better at this next year. So much filters through my mind, so many thought and then they seep away.

LaterÖ. M

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