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July 06, 2006 - Thursday, 2:35 a.m.

Already July... unbelievable...

Itís 2 am. I should be exhausted and fast asleep, but it isnít happening. I worked until nearly 8 pm tonight. So much to do at work, I could have stayed there all night and Iíd still not be caught up with all the projects on my plate.

As I walked out of the building I noticed that it seemed darker then it should have. Once I got to the doors I could see that it was raining outside. Itís been raining most of the evening. The train is going through town, blowing its whistle. I can hear the train running on the tracks. I love hearing the train. Itís cool tonight, 57F. Itís wonderful.

I had a busy weekend. I helped my sister with some spring cleaning at her house. We made terrific progress. It felt good to get so much accomplished in two days. I could hardly move each morning when I woke up. It was a good work out. Monday I cleaned house here for the July Birthdayís. The party was at my house. I was a crazy cleaning machine for three days!! SundayÖ I slept in, weeded the front flower bed and played on the computer. It was a quite, restful day. It was really nice to have just nothing to do for a whole day. The boys were gone to Woodland Park most of the afternoon and evening. It was blissfully quiet. Iíd really hoped to make some progress on the sprinkler system installation this past weekend, but didnít even touch that, perhaps NEXT weekend.

We are coming up on Summer School. I have Wednesday through Friday off next week for that. I really enjoy summer school, but itíll be nice to be through the responsibility of making sure it goes off as planned. Then a couple more weeks at workÖ and viola!! The Lake!!! I am looking forward to the Lake trip (as usual). One full week with nothing in particular planned; a little swimming, some reading, some visiting and eating. Nice.

The job hunting is going slow. I havenít looked for about a week now. I donít imagine Iíll look much between now and the Lake, though I do need to keep on it. My finances are scaring me a little bit, but I am just focusing on what I can do THIS moment, THIS month, and not looking down the road. Down the road too far is totally freaking me out.

My vegetable garden is really growing well!! I got two big zucchiniís out of it on Monday. So awesome!! Itís totally fun, when stuff actually grows. Iíll dig up my first potatoes after summer school and weíll see how they are growing. The cucumber plant is just starting to bloom. I am sure that this rain is REALLY going to help every thing grow.

I need to get up in four hours. I really need to get some sleep. I guess Iíll go make another attempt at sleeping.

Sweet dreams. M.

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