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May 31, 2006 - Wednesday, 11:48 p.m.

Tomorrow is Another Day...

I thought perhaps the spring showers would never fall. We seemed to go directly from winter to summer this year. But, itís raining tonight. The window is open and it smells divine. It was a cloudy, rainy, overcast day today. The sun peaked out a couple of times, but it rained a number of times. I love the way it smells after it rains.

I need to jump in with both feet and find a new job. I had a call last week on a possible job with Boeing, but have heard nothing since then. Iíve heard nothing from North Carolina either. I am beginning to panic. The math isnít working out. The sum of my monthly bills exceeds my income and it a few months my student loans will start requiring payment. It seems the student loans will be rolled together into a 25 years payment plan. GAH!!! Iím going to be 70 years old before Iíve paid them off. That sounds AWFUL!! I am working on a refinance of my house. This will be the last refinance Iíll do. Credit card payments have increased substantially, hence the onslaught of panic. I need to spend the next few weeks seriously searching very hard for a new job, and if I donít find anything then Iíll need to start a second job of some sort. Iím thinking Iíll be one of the best educated pizza delivery guys of all time.

Memorial Day weekend was busy. I did a great deal of yard work. Iíve prepared the areas on either side of the driveway for crushed rock. Iím hoping to have a few tons delivered in the next week or so. I am happy to say that I dug, shoveled and wheel barreled quite a bit of dirt over the weekend and am no worse for the effort. I was a little worried that it would bother my back, but I was determined to get it done and I am not having any problems. Yeah!! I am hoping to get a roto-tiller rented over the weekend and get the front and back yard ready for installation of a sprinkler system, which I intend to do myself. It is my plan to have my yard looking good by the end of July! I planted a number of flowers over the weekend as well. It looks good and I can see the completion down the road. It feels good.

My sister Char called me last Friday and asked me if I might be interested in going to the east coast with her. She is traveling to Philadelphia on the 16th of June Ė Philadelphia, Princeton and New York City. She told me all I needed to do was purchase an airline ticket, the hotel, the car and the meals will be covered by her work. The thought of getting to see these places with a guide (Charlotte) was far too tempting. I got online and had purchased an airline ticket before I went to work on Friday!! I am going some place!! Iíll fly into Philadelphia Friday morning and meet her at the airport. Weíll drive to Princeton to stay at a hotel there. Weíll make a trip into New York City on Saturday via the subway and see the sights. Sunday weíll spend the day roaming around Princeton. She has some meeting at Princeton on Monday and then weíll drive back to Philadelphia and Iíll fly home and sheíll fly on to Canada for a trade show. She asked me what I want to see in New York. Weíll only go to Manhattan. I told her to plan whatever she thought would be good, my only request was to see the site of the Twin Towers. I am looking forward to this trip. I had really wanted to make some sort of a trip as a reward for finishing school, and Viola!!

Itís very strange. Andy, my bossís boss, seems to have accepted the fact that Iíll be leaving as soon as I find a job. Phil, my boss, is hoping hard that I donít find anything, heíll hate losing me (though I know heíd be happy for me if I find something thatíll pay better). Itís a double-edged sword for him. I find that I am trying to wrap up projects and organize files on the network. I sure hope I can find something that Iíll enjoy as much as what I am doing now.

Iím feeling a little bit empty. I think I need to read something substantial. Significant. I feel a little adrift. Iím tired. I need to sleep. Tomorrow is another day.

Sweet dreamsÖ M.

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