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May 02, 2006 - Tuesday, 7:10 a.m.

Almost done...

Yesterday I had my Dr’s appointment. It looks like we have one test that says I have this Hyperaldosteronism, and one that says I don't. So I guess I will do all the tests one more time (this time with salt pills). I'll go back to the doctor in 3 weeks for the results and will find out if it will require surgery or not.

I was sitting and talking to someone in my cube and Phil came by!! Surprise! He saw someone was with me and turned right around and left. I saw him so he waved. Don't know what that was about.

I had a really hard time focusing on work yesterday. I wasn’t depressed per say, but it was something. I am terribly restless. I'm struggling with a little stress as I contemplate my finances. There is lots of pondering going on in my mind. This crap with M is very similar to the crap that Steve (Kathy's husband) was dealing with in regards to HIS wife – irrational and unreasonable demands. I’m thinking about life. What is my life going to look like after I am done here with this degree? If I don't find a better paying job I'll really have to look at doing two jobs and that s*cks. I really don't like contemplating moving far away from my family, but I am afraid that is the choice I am going to be faced with.

My cousin from Denver’s son is getting married in August and one of my cousin's in ND daughters is getting married in December. I don't know that I can make the wedding in December. And though I feel bad that I went to the wedding of Kathy's daughter a few years ago and won't go to Laurie's daughters - I also realize that neither of them made it to Justin's wedding and likely won't make to the weddings of any of my kids. I've lived in my house since 1989 and neither of my ND cousin's have been to my house.... actually none of Beverly's kids have been to my house (just Peggy, my mother's sister and my grandma has been there).

I wish I could spend my summer getting my house in order. It really needs to be finished off. And then there is my yard... and yet I am pretty sure that I'd better try to work all the over time that I can. It all makes me tired.

I didn't really feel like going to school last night, but I did. I got my project back. Unbelievable!! I got an A on it!!!! Boy, I really didn’t expect that. I guess I have a chance of getting an A in there!! Wow. Also, I found out that I’ll need to give a quick 10 minute presentation on my Project AND turn in my Final NEXT Monday. SOOooo…. Only one more class!! Unbelievable.

I got a graduation card from my Aunt Peggy yesterday!! Wow… that was really nice. I’ll send off her birthday card today and then the thank you card later in the week.

I’m going to get into work at a descent time this morning.

Have a good day! M.

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