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April 22, 2006 - Saturday, 10:50 a.m.


My mother called about 7:30 this morning. Steve passed away around 2 am. I guess Kathy woke up at 1:15 and suctioned his lungs (his pulse-ox has been dropping and his breathing labored). When she woke just after 2 am he was gone. One year ago today Grandma passed away and thirty years ago today Marvin died. April 22nd hasnít been a good day, and I am sure the thought hasnít escaped Kathy. For the last few weeks Iíve been hoping it wouldnít happen today, but somehow I just knew it would. Steve was in the hospital for nine weeks. I am sure Kathy is exhausted and numb. Mom thinks the funeral will likely be on Wednesday. I am sure she is right and itís going to make this week at work a moot point. Weíll likely leave Tuesday morning.

My project for school is looming in my mindÖ and the project at work tugging at me. Iíll head into work here shortly. Hopefully, I can finish up this project for Andy. Itís that interposer project heís been dogging on for years. This project includes designs that will be the subject of two patent papers. Itís an interesting project, though at least part of it impractical by my estimation. Worst of all Iíll be tasked to Ďuseí it as well, which has the makings of a nightmare. :o)

I had an odd thought yesterday. As I come to the end of my degree, I know itíll be time to start thinking about another job. It dawned on me that picking a place I wouldnít mind living should be a priority as I look for a job. I realized that North Dakota is one of the places Iíd be comfortable living, harsh winter and all. As I thought about possibly looking in that area, is came to me that perhaps Kathy is going to need some help with their company. I am sure she is going to feel overwhelmed and organizational skill is a strength for me. I am pretty sure I could manage the everyday running of things. I can organize the hell out of almost anything. I am a behind the scenes sort of person. The idea is growing on me. Itís probably something I should talk to my mother about, just to see what she thinks.

Itís cloudy today. It looks like rain, though it is in the 60ís already. I hope it rains, the yard sure needs it.

This day is slipping away and Iíve tons to do.

LaterÖ M.

Some Pictures

Pikeís Peak Ė April 2006

Backyard in Process Ė Spring 2006

Blooming Crabapple Ė Spring 2006

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