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March 07, 2006 - Tuesday, 8:49 a.m.

Just 5 more minutes of sleep... please?...

I bought a new chime in the last month or so. I hung it from the ceiling in my bedroom, because I wasnít ready to get up on a ladder and hang it outside. I want to put it by the east window in my bedroom, but thatís about 1 Ĺ stories above the ground and I hate getting on ladders.

When I was a kid I can remember that I liked to climb the pine trees in our back yard. There were about 5 of them. The first was like a juniper and the last the kind with the really long needles. The three in the middle were fir or spruce, and they were very tall. You could easily see them from the front yard and we lived in a two story cape cod. The bottom branches were only a couple feet off the ground and you could easily climb it as there were branches pretty often. As a kid I didnít weigh much at all, I think I was around 50 lbs as a 4th grader. The top of the tree had pretty small branches. I remember getting to the top of one of those trees. I sat on a couple branch with my arms and legs wrapped around the trunk of the tree. I could see over the top of the house towards the river. It was an amazing view (in my very young opinion) and the tree swayed ever so gently in the wind. Now I canít even get on a ladder without it scaring me. Itís funny how the fear of heights simply appears if you stop climbing up high.

Itís already 8:30 and Iíve been up over an hour. I really donít want to get out of bed, Iíd like to curl up and go back to sleep for a couple more hours, but I canít really do that. Iím going to get dressed here shortly and head off to work. The wind has come up and the chimes are ringing outside my window. Itís still nice outside and the cool breeze coming in is very refreshing. It feels like spring is running through my veins. Another week or so and Iíll be outside cleaning out my flower beds. Winter sure went by quickly. It hardly feels like we had a winter. A couple weeks of cold whether and the rest of the months like spring or fall. Not much of a winter. I know that we could still get another snow storm, but it seems more likely that weíll get rain.

My Cousin Kathyís husband is not doing well. The brain tumor has returned and the doctors say there isnít anything they can do. He canít talk and he is in the hospital fighting pneumonia. She is left to deal with the decisions, as he canít communicate. Would he want extraordinary measures taken to keep him alive or is he ready to let go? She canít talk to him about it, and the choices are in her court as to how they proceed. I can not imagine standing in her shoes. My heart aches for her. Itís only a little less then a year ago that grandma died and she didnít easily let grandma go. She has sat at this place three times now, with some of the most significant people in her life, her father, her mother and now her husband. That would be such a hard test for me. Itís funny how we look at the tests that lie in our path and we know we will make it through, but so often I look at someone elseís tests and I canít imagine how they can walk through it all. I would never trade places with them. Itís interesting that God gives us test that, though hard, are always within our grasp. They are always something that we can handle. Sometimes a person might think that they would like to trade places with some one because the good things in their life seem so attractive. But the sure knowledge that if you took that good stuff youíd have to take the bad stuff as well, keeps me from ever wishing to have someone elseís life. My life is just fine, thank you very much.

I canít lie in bed all morning though it is terribly tempting.  I donít know what my work day looks like, but I am pretty sure that Iíll be sitting in front of the computer most of it. StillÖ it feels like a good day.

I took another one of the quick online tests. It was the quick IQ one, and surprisingly enough with only 16 questions it was within a couple of points of almost every IQ test Iíve ever taken. However it says I have a serious deficiency with my logical intelligence.  I must have really been off with my answers on those questions.  Go figure.

Go out and meet the day.

LaterÖ. M.

Your IQ Is 140

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius
Your General Knowledge is Genius

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