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February 15, 2006 - Wednesday, 6:59 a.m.


I don't know that I've talked about what this actual assignment is for my class. It is a Self-Assessment. We had to administer a survey to co-worker, peers, and boss asking for an assessment of ourselves!! So I did that. Surprisingly enough, my numbers weren't that far off from the average of all the other respondants (there were 8 including myself). We will have to write up the survery results (which I still have to do) along with 2 pages of background information on ourselves. Also, we had to fill in a self-interview, answer 14 questions. It's been an interesting assignment. Some of the questions were great. There were obvious ones like name, hobbies and interests, and something interesting most people don't know about you. There were some questions that really made you think and really allowed you to 'put yourself out there'. Here is an example.

One Question: Some of the People, Events, and Books or Philosophies that have most influenced me are:


My mother and father have probably had the greatest influence on my life. I see myself with a balance of traits between my mother and father. My mother is very introspective, she is a wonderful listener with thoughtful input that you don’t feel forced to follow (yet usually do) and my father is always there for you and you can always count on him, he has a practical and analytical mind.


My childhood, especially the 10 years we lived in Minnesota (from 5 -15 for me). I had a wonderful childhood, with parents who believed I could do anything and I felt valued as a person. My opinion was listened to, for as long as I can remember.

Summer Schools every summer (which were Bahá’í Family Camps) where I learned about what kind of a character I should have. That stressed working to develop things like, honesty, humility, integrity, loyalty, kindness and being of service. This along with my home life gave me a good worth ethic. Always to strive to do my best.

Getting pregnant with my first son. This was the moment I ceased to see the world in black and white, right or wrong, good or bad, and learned that they are a thousand shades of grey in between. It taught me not to judge people on events in their life, but on their character and how they handle the events in their life.

Books or Philosophies

There isn’t a specific book that I ever read that gave me an epiphany or shifted my life. But the philosophies that embrace farm life and family permeate my life. To my parents there we two priorities in life Family and Spirituality (or Faith). The strongest philosophies in my life are probably from my parents – work hard, support family and friends, love your kids – and the Bahá’í Faith – unity, equality of men and women, science and religion must agree and that all of humanity is one family.

Here is another question: List those things in your life that have had the most Positive and Negative Effect:

Positive Effect

My family, having my kids and then my kids in general, going to college, going to work in industry, raising my kids on my own.

Negative Effect

Everyone has negative things in their life, and they usually have a negative effect and a positive effect. I can think of nothing that was purely a negative effect. Even my divorce, though it was hard to accept failure and raise my kids on my own ended up with a positive effect to my life. I think it is how you look at things; I’ve always worked to see the good in the events in my life, so that is what I see. The sum of all the events in your life makes you the person that you are.

There were really alot of good questions like "The Ideal and Actual priorities in your life:IDEAL Priorities(What I Would Ideally Like My Priorities to Be);ACTUAL Priorities(The Priorities That Are Evident By The Way I Live My Life)" "Discuss the differences between your ideal priorities and actual priorities and how this affects your life."

Like I said, interesting assignment. :o)

I'm up early today. Going to try to head off to work in the next 1/2 hour or so.

Have a great day! M.

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